Sources Of Vitamins And Minerals
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Vitamins and minerals are found in fruits, vegetables and other food items in abundance. Below are the natural sources of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the proper growth and development of our body.

Vitamin A – The main sources of Vitamin A are milk, cheese, butter, green leafy vegetables, cabbages, carrots, red and yellow fruits and vegetables. Large amounts of Vitamin A are also found in fish liver oils (eg Cod liver oil).

Vitamin B – The main sources of Vitamin B are milk, yeast, wheat bran, fresh vegetables and fruits, germinated wheat, leafy vegetables, pulses, etc. are the usual sources. It is also present in eggs, meat (especially liver), and fish.

Vitamin C – The main sources of Vitamin C are sweet-sour fruits, myrobalan, tomatoes, watermelons, pears, cabbages, pineapples, potatoes and green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin D – Sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D. It also occurs in milk, eggs and some fish liver oils.

Vitamin E – The main source of Vitamin E are milk, germinated wheat, green leafy vegetables, vegetables oils, nuts and eggs.

Vitamin K – The main sources of Vitamin K are wheat bran, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, cauliflower, soyabean oil, vegetable oils, and livers of animals.

Calcium – The main sources of calcium are milk and milk products, fenugreek, drumsticks, and other green leafy vegetables, beetroots, figs, grapes, watermelons, millets, seasame and black grams. Some fish and oysters also contain plenty of calcium.

Phosphorous – The main sources of phosphorous are milk, cheese, yeast, dry fruits, soyabeans, dates, carrots, guava etc. It is also present in eggs, fish and meat.

Chlorine – Carrots, milk, potatoes, common salt, spinach, eggs, meat, salt-water, cabbage, tomatoes, bananas, dates etc. are the major sources of chlorine.

Potassium – Fresh fruits, milk, garlic, radishes, potatoes and meat are the main sources of potassium.

Iron – Fenugreek, mint, green leafy vegetables, seasame, millets, eggs, meat, animal livers, oysters, grams, green grams, black grams, soyabeans, dates, mangoes, etc.

Sulphur – The main sources of sulphur are beetroots, cabbage, radishes, garlic, onions, meat and milk.

Sodium – The main sources of sodium are milk, common salt, beetroots, carrots, radishes, eggs, meat and fish.

Magnesium – Milk, green vegetables, cereals, dry fruits and meat are the main sources of magnesium.

Iodine – It is present in sea foods and green vegetables.

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Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.


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