Special Diet For Rheumatism Arthritis And Joint Pain
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More than 200 bones and skeletal muscles around the 700 - along with tendons and ligaments - form the human locomotors system. Often there is a variety of complex disorders in its functioning. Diseases of the locomotors and rheumatic problems are therefore very common.

Disease with many faces

Often dominated by the idea that the rheumatism problem for older people. Although it is true that the majority of rheumatic diseases

found in people older than 40 years, suffering from the disease, children, adolescents and young adults. Image rheumatic disease shapes are very complex and diverse. Accordingly, many causes, which is still too little known.

Some of these are: wear decisions inappropriate nature of the job, an inherited burden, poor welcome to bone fractures, injuries to ligaments and tendons or congenital wrong to develop conclusions Other rheumatoid diseases caused by metabolic disorders or immune system and inflammation. Also, viral infections and specific gut bacteria can cause rheumatism. The disease is generally chronic and causes inflammation and destruction, changes in the muscles, tendons and even the skin and internal organs.

There are various forms of rheumatism:


• Degenerative rheumatism as a result of age and wear: carthorses and disc disease. • Rheumatism in the context of autoimmune diseases: polyarthritis / rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic inflammation polimialgija and connective tissues. • Rheumatism of soft parts: in local form (elbow golf and tennis) or in a general form (fibromyalgia syndrome). • Metabolic disorders: in gout (excess uric acid) and osteoporosis (bone atrophy).

We have only two groups of people - those who already have rheumatism and those who will still get you." This proverb suggests that millions of people of all ages suffering from rheumatic diseases.

With a short term "rheumatism" describes more than 100 different pathologic pictures that are all related to pain and / or functional disorders of movement.

• We need to avoid burdening preobremenjevanju and improper decisions, cold, humidity and winds. • Limit salt, fat and spices, enjoy raw food, lots of fresh juices (eg juice from cabbage) and tea and fresh bread as little as possible. • Also restrict smoking, drinking alcohol and caffeine. • At least one month of daily fasting consume 10 teaspoons of cider vinegar in a glass of lukewarm water or a mixture of one or two lemons with warm water • Drink tea from horsetail, elder, nettle, yarrow and maize whiskers • Grate approx. 250 g of fresh potatoes, lined with painful and bandaged with linen cloth. Compress several times a day changed. • Clay powder mixed with apple vinegar and water and let the clay liquid drunk for approx. one hour. The resulting mass of the thick brush on the affected areas and covered with linen cloth. After approx. 45 minutes you remove the liner and throw away, and wash clothes and get • You do superposed polikanih stolcenih or cabbage or Kale leaves

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