Speed Up You Slow PC Boot~~In Two Minutes!
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Most of us experience slow windows startup after having used a computer for a long time. And for me, half a year is enough to get accustomed to leaving my computer alone after I press the start button, and probably, having a cup of coffee.

Despite the hardware factor (people seldom consider expensive hardware upgrades simply because computer starts up slowly), Windows starts with many other services and applications installed on our computer. And that's why our PC makes us wait until it gets ready with all those known or unknown programs started. Then, where do those programs that automatically start come from?

Where do those auto-start programs come from?

Take an example, when we download and install software, we follow the installation wizard and do what it asks us to do. We just keep clicking Next and Next, and wish that tiring installation process would finish soon. And in that very moment, a piece of prompt just escapes from our eyes and the application succeeds in hiding itself into auto-start programs. After that, whenever we boot computer, that little program just automatically start without greetings!

Things can be worse when some other malicious programs simply set themselves into startup program list without asking for our permission.

Then, here comes the problem: how to remove unneeded start-up applications from Windows and thus, speed up PC boot?

Here two easy methods are recommended. Both of them can help you to change Windows startup programs and optimize system startup in less than ONE minute.

Solution one: optimize Windows startup with the command of “msconfig”

Click Start > Run > type in “msconfig”, select “Startup” in the pop-up window. Then the programs in your Windows start-up appear. Just select unnecessary programs and click “Apply”.

Cons: many applications can really hide deeply in your Windows startup programs that it is difficult to find them using this command. For example, there are seven programs automatically start when I boot my computer. But the command could only be able to find four of them.

Solution two: optimize Windows startup with Windows Startup Manager

Windows Startup Manager is a simple tool that helps users to manage their startup programs, either in Windows XP, Vista or in Windows 7, 2000, etc. Many system optimizing utilities have this little but practical tool built in their applications, such as Wondershare Registry Optimizer, for Windows startup optimization can contribute to the overall speedup of PC.

Step 1: Launch Wondershare Registry Optimizer software Step 2: Select Startup Manager under the System Tools menu. Step 3: Select those unnecessary auto-start programs in the list and click “Save” or “Delete Entry”.

Tips of Windows startup optimization

  1. Regularly check and optimize Windows startup programs of your computer would be better, because we always install or uninstall programs when we use our computers.
  2. Windows startup optimization helps speed up PC boot. But for the overall acceleration of system performance, a lot more work need to be done. Click to learn more about speeding up computer.

Keep the number of your Windows startup programs as small as possible, and that’s the basic way of speeding up PC boot. As to the optimization of slow running computer, cleanup of system and registry junks, optimize system settings, and registry defragmentation are dispensable. Taking advantage of a registry cleaner & system optimizer will definitely saves you tons of time and work.



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