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Trust, understanding, respect and bonding, what else couples can ask for in a healthy relationship to form the foundation for a lasting union.

But little do the couples know that even the most wonderful relationship can go for a toss if love starts fading away. In today's modern times with a hectic workflow to maintain, couples often take each other for granted. And very often, they fail to realise the importance of the little things in a relationship that add the much needed zing in their otherwise boring and dull relationship.

It could be something as simple as saying 'I love you' or wooing your mate with a surprise gift – all that matters is the urge to show that you care and love. These small love gestures might not seem too precious in a relationship, but they can leave your partner craving for more.

Relationship counselor Dr. Geetu Bhardwaj explains, "In every relationship, it's important to maintain a healthy bond. If the couple starts assuming that the other partner knows about your feelings, then there would be very little conversation and sharing of feelings. In such situations, a vacuum starts building and this adversely affects the relationship in the long-run. So it's suggested that small expressions of love should be conveyed every now and then to improve the quality of a relationship."

So the next time boredom starts taking away the fun from your love paradise, try these precious gestures, which can surely bring back the passion like never before...

1. Say that you love : Loving someone is a pleasant feeling, but what's more important is to tell them that you love them. Saying 'I love you' is the best way to connect to your partner and share what you feel for each other.

Love-o-meter : Marriage and relationship counsellor Dr. Medha Sharma says, "Most of the times, the frequency of saying 'I love you' drastically drops as the relationship graduates to another level. So to revive the missing love, couples must seek help from these three words. Women, in general, are keener to say, 'I love you' much too often and in turn they expect the same from their male partners too."

2. Plan a sex picnic : Physical intimacy is probably one of the best ways to bond with your partner. But when it's about recharging the love lull, couples should think out-of-the-box. Forget the bedroom boredom and move out to an exotic spot with your partner.

Love-o-meter : Relationship counsellor, Dr. Amita Mishra opines, "Planning a romantic holiday with your lover can surely be a good idea that will allow you to spend quality time together, which might be tough otherwise. Make sure that the vacation is only intended towards comforting each other and there are lots of pleasure moments, sans any household tensions and office worries."

3.. Exchange romantic gifts : While in an affair, you might have gone crazy buying almost all sorts of gifts for your mate. But as it transforms into a long term relationship, these gifts lose their importance. So renewing the habit of exchanging gifts frequently is a sure shot way to make your partner feel loved.

Love-o-meter : "It's not about being materialistic in a relationship, but gifts are an expression of love. A flower, a card, a soft toy, a dress or anything else, whatever you choose for your beloved carries a message which is conveyed through that gift. Thus, exchanging gifts is a great way to make each other feel special," feels Dr. Geetu.

4. Arrange for surprise dinners : Endless luncheons, dinners, parties and night outs are often the routine in the first few months of a relationship. But gradually, it's just home sweet home and cooking in the kitchen which take over. Going out for a surprise dinner is indeed a superb way to woo your partner and bring back the love spark.

Love-o-meter : "A surprise candlelit dinner has always been a hot pick when it comes to arranging something special for your better half. You can plan something really lavish like a special menu and instrumental music, of course, of your partner's choice. Also, act a bit naughty with each other and enjoy each moment like there's no tomorrow," suggests Dr. Amita.

5. Know your partner better : You would often think that you share a great level of understanding and trust with your partner, but there's always more to a couple's chemistry. Couples pay less heed to indulging in intimate conversations with each other and hence they don't know what's exactly going in their partner's life. If you feel that the love bond is getting weaker, take some time out and sit with your mate just to hear them out and bare their heart in front of you.

Love-o-meter : "Initiating a conversation with your partner can really bring you close to them all over again. It gives them a reassurance that you care for them and the comfort zone created henceforth is a sustaining factor in a relationship. Casual or romantic talks often act as catalyst in restoring lost love in your relationship," asserts Dr. Medha.



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