Spontaneous Or Involuntary Orgasm During Sleep Treatment
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Spontaneous or involuntary orgasm during sleep is one among the commonly seen health disorders during adolescence period. It is a condition leading way to uncontrolled semen leakage with no direct stimulation. Causes for the formation of spontaneous or involuntary orgasm during sleep vary from person to person.

It can be either psychological like erotic thoughts or dreams or can be physical like hormonal imbalance. Treatments done in earlier stages of spontaneous orgasm condition helps in avoiding the risk factors like weakening of reproductive organs and infertility. Let’s see in detail the treatments done for curing spontaneous or involuntary orgasm during sleep.

Intake of calcium and magnesium supplement is one among the best treatments available for curing spontaneous or involuntary orgasm during sleep. Usage of health supplements made from calcium and magnesium helps in boosting your health and stamina. WSN-calcium-magnesium formula is a fine example of dietary supplement available in market.

Patients with spontaneous orgasm are also suggested to intake more concentration of food items rich in calcium and magnesium level concentration. Broccoli, cheese, milk, yogurt, pumpkin seeds, cashews and almonds are some of the food items with high level of calcium and magnesium.

Having a bath in water mixed with relaxant oil is a common treatment used for curing spontaneous or involuntary orgasm during sleep. Sandalwood oil, chamomile oil and lavender oil are some of the popular relaxant oils used for calming down nerve cells. Use of these relaxant oils for bathing helps in reducing mental stress, anxiety and tension.

Body massaging with these herbal relaxant oils relieves pain in joints and induce fast asleep. It is a popular aphrodisiac used for the treatment of spontaneous orgasms during sleep. Curing menstrual cramps, retarding depression and curing migraine headache are other benefits of using relaxant oils for the treatment of involuntary orgasm during sleep treatment.

Intake of fenugreek sweetened with honey is a natural treatment used for curing spontaneous or involuntary orgasm. Presence of phytoestrogens in fenugreek helps in better hormonal balance. Today, fenugreek is commonly available in market in the form of dried seeds, powder, extracts and capsules. Patients with spontaneous orgasms during sleep are recommended to intake fenugreek with honey thirty minutes before going to bed for attaining good results.

Intake of celery juice extract with honey is another best recommended treatment for spontaneous or involuntary orgasm during sleep. It is an efficient medicine used for alleviating joint pains and lethargy. Drinking celery juice also helps in calming of nerve cells and retarding stress, anxiety and tension.

Scalp massaging with a mixture of sesame and bottle gourd oil is one among the commonly suggested treatments for involuntary orgasm during sleep. Mixture of sesame oil with bottle gourd oil acts as a powerful aphrodisiac agent, relaxant oil and reduces the risk of spontaneous orgasm. Drinking sage tea is another treatment recommended for curing involuntary or spontaneous orgasm during sleep. This herbal tea helps in relieving painful joints and boosts your energy levels. Inclusion of onions, garlic, curd and ginger in diet is another natural remedies used for the treatment of spontaneous orgasm during sleep.

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