Stages Of Alcoholism
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Early stage alcoholism or what some people refer to as the adaptive stage of alcoholism is when the dependency on alcohol beings. You may find yourself turning the alcohol to find relief from your problems.The first stage of alcoholism is where someone starts to develop growing resilience to the intoxicating effects of alcohol. At this point a person finds that they have to drink more alcohol over time in order to get the high they so crave.

Drinking is severe in third stage and the experiences financial, legal and employment problems. He lacks interest in his hobbies and forgets his commitments and promises. The drunkard takes little food and sometimes neglects it and some violent behavior may persist. Behaviors that are morally unacceptable, impaired thinking and unexplained fears are just some of the symptoms that are associated with the end stages of this addiction.

In the first stage of alcoholism, drinking becomes a way to escape from reality. Drinking takes all your cares and worries away. It helps to change the way you feel. There is a slow and gradual increase in the amount of alcohol consumed in one sitting. It takes more alcohol to attain the buzz or the good feeling you are looking for. The extreme sign is when the individual starts keeping alcohol in weird places like home or office and always drink to feel normal. Isolation is dominant at this stage.

As alcoholism progresses, the alcoholic has become obsessed with drinking to the exclusion of nearly everything else. Everyone can tell there's a major problem. During the late alcoholism stages, the mental and physical health of the alcoholic are seriously deteriorating In Late Stage alcoholism, the person exhibits a complete dependence on alcohol. The day often begins with a drink, and the rest of the day is characterized by tremors, binges, and frequent drink gulping.

It will be evident to family and friends as the alcoholic is drinking almost all the time. They start becoming ill, mentally confused, and have a host of other mental and physical problems. This is due to the damage to the vital organs. This damage often results in one or more serious medical conditions. Alcohol can reduce your mental and physical efficiency by 30 to 50 %, your family and social life can be ruined, your career set back by decades and you age faster. Do not wait for disaster to happen; act today and get relief at a suitable alcohol treatment center.

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