Stay Happy In A Childless Marriage
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One of the reasons for marriage is procreation or to have children. But it is a reality that not all people who get married want to have kids in the future. Some people are not biologically meant to have children while there are also others who, by principle, don't want to have kids in their marriage.

It's a matter of choice and some couples are just content moving on with life without children. They have their own reasons and they deserve to be respected for their decision. There's a question that lingers, though, in this situation and it's about "Can married couples without a child stay happy?"

For married couples who believe in a childless marriage even though they're capable of producing kids, perhaps they can stay happy. But for those who really want to raise a family with one or more kids, the situation can be challenging. In cases where a person's biological capability is the reason for not having children, one spouse may feel frustrated.

What married couples have to understand when faced with this situation is that it's not the end of the world. If adopting a child is not an option, it's best to accept your fate and move on with life. Being content with what you have in life is the right attitude. Marriage counseling will be a great help as well in order to have a better understanding of your situation. Keep in mind that sharing one's emotions and thoughts with a trustworthy person is an effective way of relieving anxieties.

Childless couples can always lead a happy life if they want to. How? There are steps they can take to keep their marital bond strong amid life's trials.

First, avoid putting the blame on your partner. While it may be difficult to accept your fate that you won't ever have an offspring, facing the truth is the only way to go. Blaming your spouse won't help but will only lead to more guilty feelings and depression.

Acceptance is crucial. Staying together will give other couples a good example that it's not only a child that will make you happy and complete your marriage. Isn't it that you vowed to love and support each other through good times and bad? If you're able to prove this, then you have every chance to have a successful marriage even without children.

Spend quality time together and enjoy every moment of it. Couples who know how to support each other and have fun doing things together develop a closer bond that will stand the test of time. You may even feel relieved not having responsibilities towards children which can really take much of your time and patience especially if you're both busy people.

Don't fear the future. Some couples worry so much about what lies ahead. They feel sad knowing that they don't have children for whom to bequeath their assets and to take care of them when they grow old. Positivity within one's self, however, should be the more dominant feeling instead of too much worrying which could only give you stress.

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