Staying Together
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be in love so stay together Staying together

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The secret of staying tight has less to do with long talks and more to do with a good time together.

Ton of ideas as follow can keep you both together forever.

  1. Have a un mind ritual (have wine together, play)
  2. Play deejay (music)
  3. Whip up a meal (relax together, make a meal)
  4. Take a shower together
  5. Buy him/her a little something
  6. Join him at at a work event (mix with his friends)
  7. Take a class in something you both suck at
  8. Have a coffee in bed
  9. Give him/her a head massage
  10. Share firsts together
  11. Fake a tropical vacay (hot day, cool drinks, light clothes)
  12. Be go gathers
  13. Escape for the day
  14. Eat ice cream for dinner
  15. Get into an extreme activity
  16. Compliment each other when you are in front of friends.
  17. Go to game with him
  18. Camp out
  19. Come up with silly nick name
  20. Look up
  21. Become friendly with his buddies.
  22. Do some good
  23. Go puppy shopping
  24. Have a stroke session (body stroking in bed)
  25. Make a group dinner.
  26. Share your most embarrassing stories
  27. Make it pj’s day (be naked at home)
  28. Leave love notes
  29. Be big nerds (play cross words etc)
  30. Swap shows
  31. Tuck him in
  32. Do some home make over
  33. Have reading time
  34. Show him your high school photos and laugh
  35. Take an after dinner walk
  36. Sweat it out
  37. Plan your dream vacay
  38. Rise and shine
  39. Play hooky
  40. Challenge your man
  41. Go to him for advice
  42. Come with a bad day plan
  43. Make Sunday brunch
  44. Share a code
  45. Teach him a thing or two
  46. Plan a big –kid day at a amusement park (mini golf or even the local play ground)
  47. Flash him
  48. Snap silly pictures
  49. Stage a sneak attack
  50. Have a bed time treat


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