Stepping Stones To Success Treat Every Failure As A Lesson Rather Than A Stumbling Block
Rekha • onManagement 11 years ago • 3 min read

Failure is one of the toughest things to deal with and happens so frequently in life, on various levels, that learning to deal with it canaid how we approach all types of endeavour. No one likes experiencing failure, but every attempted goal includes the possibility of failure as well as that of success. To grow we must keep reaching out for these new experiences. Failure feels so bad because it directly affects our ego and sense of identity in relation to the world around us. Failure can make us feel ineffective, inadequate and isolated. But this stage of failure is only temporary and will pass.

Try to take advantage of a failure by analysing what you could have done differently and rest assured that you will never suffer the same failure again. If a failure was something unavoidable or beyond your control, perhaps you can attempt the project again with other collaborators. In either case, understanding our failures is a key component in dealing with them and being able to move on to new goals and projects.

Once you've taken a look at a failure and determined what you could or could not have done differently to alter the outcome, don't dwell on the issue. One of the most important parts of getting over failure is to move on to the next thing. Success breeds successful-feeling people, so don't hesitate to go ahead with your next project or goal. Choose something that you are particularly knowledgeable or interested in and success will come all that much easier.

Have you ever failed in some way and then been plagued by thoughts of the issue or event? Most of us have difficulty getting over large failures, but there are some ways to speed the recovery process. It may sound simplistic, but simply taking stock of our successes can be a great way to get over a recent failure. Take the time to write down some of the successes you've enjoyed throughout your life. Include everything from the dramatic and memorable to the mundane achievements that meant something to you. Before long you'll be reminded of the feeling of success.

Go over the various memories and focus on the feeling or essence of what contributed to the success of each respective goal. Reminding ourselves what it feels like to succeed can be a wonderful tool that seems to help open one up for the possibility of success. We tend to remember our failures with more clarity than our successes. So the next time you think up a masterful solution to a problem or experience any kind of success, take a moment to lock in and appreciate the feeling of success.

Throughout life much of what we experience is based on what we've experienced in the past. If we take the time to think more about success than failure, we will find more success than failure in our daily lives.

By focusing on success we draw success to ourselves. Everyone fails, and not just once or twice, but throughout life. If we remember that failure is just a lesson that was too big to learn with success, we'll realise that everything in life is about learning. You really can't fail at life, but you can teach yourself to learn even more from living if you're open to understanding your own failure and working beyond them.


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  • Guest 8 years ago
    People will always loose their confidence once they face failure but most of the people will never realize from there fault but the person who realize there failure then they will get some credit.