Steps For Beautiful Eye Lashes
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Steps for beautiful lashes 1. Wear mascara in two layers. At first you make the shape and length you want. In the second fix this beauty. 2. At first paint the base of the lashes horizontally, with zig- zag movements. If you use mascara on lashes extra rich, this move will split and make them thicker at the root. If you use mascara for extra length, the more traffic will comb and separate lashes well. Following the second layer, as always, from the root to the tips. 3. As you remove the brush from the tube to turn slightly. So it gets less air and mascara will be retained for longer without drying.

  1. Remember, with a dry paper towel to wipe the mouth of the tube Mascara to remove residual fortunes. Otherwise the lid will not close very well and your mascara will spoil quickly.
  2. Even if you're very careful, the ophthalmologists recommend changing the mascara every 2-3 months. During use, accumulate different types of bacteria and germs that can cause irritation or inflammation of the eyes.

Makeup tips:

  • If you are blonde, basically start with a make-up to a neutral hue. Skip over small amount of loose powder. In their eyes, put a shade iridized in earthy tones and black mascara anyway, to emphasize your eyes. Just a natural blush hue, peach or pink - beige, to give health a color on your face and then lips a little lip-gloss, a natural or neutral color.

  • If you are brunette, you need a make-up that gives brightness to your face. Therefore, use pink shades or makeup to opalescent. For eyes, choose a shade of brown or simply highlight your eyes with a dark brown pencil and, of course, black mascara on the lashes. For cheeks, use a blush on an orange hue and natural lip gloss wear a light coral lipstick.

  • If you're blonde, wear makeup in natural color and top for a brighter effect, apply an iridescent powder. The blush may be more intense than the morning, but always natural shades. Avoid colored fuchsia and purple in the cheeks. Shadow and pen down for the evening makeup. The shades of shadow can be purple, lilac, pale green, gold and beige -brown, depending on the color of your eyes. Put two coats of mascara for a striking look, and finally, wear a bright lipstick in shades of fuchsia, burgundy or red.

  • For you, the brunettes, it is important to accentuate the look. Initially, wear make-up on color that does not differ from your physical. Choose a shade of black, combined with a metallic olive green or gold and complete the makeup with a black eye pencil or eye-liner and black mascara. The accented eyes require insipid lip. Therefore, choose a colorless shiny lip-gloss or matte lipsticks in natural color. The blush will still have to put in your cheekbones, a small quantity in a natural shade of pink- beige.

Beauty makeup tips for eye shadow and Steps for beautiful lashes.

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