Stones In Kidneys And Natural Therapies
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The kidneys (right and left) are bean-shaped and located below the chest and back, right and left of the spine at the height of the ridge about midway.

The kidneys clean the blood of excess water and waste products of metabolism producing urine. Other important functions of the kidneys to maintain acid-base balance and secretion of important hormones.


Each leads to kidney ureter playing the role of conductor of urine in the bladder, where it is stored and periodically excreted from the body through the urethra.

The stones or sand can be composed of calcium salts of oxalic acid by uric acid, phosphate or a combination of the amino acid cytosine. If we know the composition of the stones, we can apply the appropriate diet to treat the problem. However, in most cases the composition of stones is unknown should follow some general guidelines. In these cases, our diet should contain little acid.

For this reason, avoid foods that contain oxalic acid is much like spinach. Instead not avoid the water which is necessary and in larger quantities to clean our body. We must drink at least 3 liters of water a day and preferably low in salt. If you sweat a lot, then you need to replenish the water they lose by sweating.

The herbs used to help in such a situation are antilithika which work by dissolving the stones or assisting in the elimination with urine, while preventing the formation of new reserves. Also used diuretics, which increase the amount of fluid passing through the kidneys. In this way eliminated the deposits. Certainly a number of herbs have antilithiki action while being and diuretics.

Such herbs are the Dianthos the Polykompo, Skorpidi Pentanefrou and seeds. The urinary softeners like Pentanefro, beard of corn, Bermuda grass and leaves of Althea relieves mucous membranes and protects from irritation caused by friction. If there are signs of infection should be used as antibiotics Arktostafylos the Echinakia or the Achilles.

Construction Simmer one teaspoon of the mixture in 1 cup water for 10 minutes, strain and drink three times a day. If there is a tendency to form kidney stones, we can proactively drink this drink once a day.

Renal colic

If a small stone in the ureter and get stuck there, can obstruct the blocking urine flow and cause of renal colic. It's an unfortunate situation, accompanied by severe pain. Here we can use herbs such as anticonvulsants or Valerian Viburnum, but the crisis will end only when completely removed or expelled from the stone.

The, kidney stones are in fact the remains that have accumulated in the kidneys. The kidney stones are displayed in different sizes grapefruit can put you at increased risk for kidney stones and cranberry juice helps fight urinary tract infections

A natural way of prevention is eating a proper diet to ensure the vitamins, proteins and minerals that help to dissolve stones. or frequent urination is also useful is a natural treatment for kidney stones should also avoid alcohol and smoking

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