Stop Premature Ejaculation, How Early Is Your Ejaculation
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At 5 we had our idea. At 15 we just thought. At 25 we were sure we knew everything, and at 35 we finally realized that we know nothing. In a world that spins around sex is expected to create myths and inaccuracies mislead us, we need to worry, our concern and our five years old ... confusing.

Size counts? No point G; can men have multiple orgasms? These and other such questions spring up through personal discussions among friends seeking detailed answers. Who cares? Would think. Yet, in the imaginary realm of sex, where it dominates the ego, the myth and ads, we all want basically to claim a crown.

We used to equate masculinity with male sexual organ size. Obviously, however, there is no connection between the two ". Why then all the patients wanted to be bigger that `the bigger the better" is not entirely a myth, or as to the aesthetic to the "application" thing. For most couples, however, has discovered that in the end the size is not important.

To avoid misunderstanding, the big size; the average male molecule has a length approximately 12.5 to 15.5 inches in erection, and is around 8.5 cm when in weak form. And it's a huge myth that this organ is the only way to please one woman. Women come to orgasm by only 25% of times the sexual act, while 81% of times in oral sex.

And as if that was not enough stress to the men for their anatomy and are anxious to explore and give pleasure to the body of their partner, especially since they first heard about it the infamous G-spot.

How early is premature ejaculation? The opportunities to explore the erogenous zones of a woman is unlimited, and this leads to the source of another sexual myth but in a still male anxiety: "How can endure and how much they had to stand?"

Premature ejaculation is the most common form of dysfunction in young men, and dissemination for 20% and 30% of men of all ages.

The medical method to determine the premature ejaculation is called intra-vaginal ejaculatory latency, which measures the duration timer by the time they begin to penetrate until the time of ejaculation. There are men who ejaculate within a minute but this is premature, while others can afford and 20 minutes, but feel that this is premature. It has to do is, with the personal enjoyment of every man and per whether he believes he can control. The numbers, however, say that the average time is premature ejaculation in 5.4 minutes. However, premature ejaculations are usually two, but add that many men experience a period full of stress can ejaculate even earlier E.g. 30 seconds. Something that under the circumstances is perfectly normal.

Some men may confuse the multiple orgasms with frequency. If that involved one or two minutes between two or three ejaculation, this does not mean you have multiple orgasm. Besides men, there can be no such separation.

Finally, there is only one way to escape from the myths about sex: Just stop thinking with numbers.

The secret to sexual pleasure lies not in male organ size in length and strength or the technical point of isolation of G. One has to understand himself and his / her partner and their wishes and to recognize that normal people are not born with full, divine knowledge of everything about sex. The "point G» may be located in different parts of each individual and the best we have to do is to discover them slowly with your partner and not to engage in tyrannical pursuit of lost treasure.

The majority of women manage to overcome the problem of premature ejaculation, but many of these men will need assistance from an expert. Initially, you should discuss the problem with your partner. Even if you think you ejaculate too quickly, your partner may be perfectly satisfied with the performance. Some men recall that by increasing the frequency of ejaculations, for example, masturbation, manage to ejaculate more slowly.

A simple technique to stimulate your sexual organ, he or your partner and stop the stimulation just before ejaculation. Then relax without further stimulation for 30-60 seconds, and resume exciting your sexual organ again stopping just before ejaculation. You can repeat this cycle of successive stimuli - relaxation - new stimuli 5-6 times total before you allow yourself to ejaculate every time you masturbate, or get in contact with your partner.

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