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Snoring is a breathing disorder caused due to the obstruction of air movements while sleeping. Treatments for snoring can only be done by knowing its cause. The disturbance in air passage is mainly caused due to versatile reasons like consumption of alcohols relaxing throat muscles, accumulation of fat in throat, dislocation of jaw and obstruction in nasal passage way. Today, snoring is not a serious problem. It can be well cured by following a healthy lifestyle with proper medications. Here are some of the ways by which you can stop snoring.

Reducing the body weight is one among the major treatments done for stop snoring. It is recommended to reduce the body weight up to 10% for producing better results. Some times, excessive intake of fat rich food items results in obesity leading way to obesity. So it is better to decrease the consumption of food items rich in fat and carbohydrate concentration.

People with over weight are often advised to focus on green leafy vegetable diet with low fat concentration. It helps to a lot in reducing their total body weight there by stop snoring. Avoiding smoking is yet another method for stop snoring. Studies say that, smoking causes congestion and mucous in throat area leading way to breathing problems. So it is good to stop smoking for stop snoring.

Avoiding alcohol consumption is a best way suggested to cure snoring. Drinking alcohol causes enhanced relaxation of muscles in throat leading way to snoring. In this case, muscles in throat will slack down and obstruct breathing. Stopping alcohol consumption help to a great extend in breathing peacefully and stop snoring. Presence of antihistamines and sedatives in the body relaxes throat muscles promoting in snoring.

So it is suggested to avoid the intake of sedatives and tranquilizers before bed time. Following a fixed bed time for sleep is another suggested way to cure snoring. Having olive oil before going to bed is an important remedial measure recommended to cure snoring. Taking a sip of oil helps in lubricating your throat muscles leading way to smoother air passage.

Almond oil, sunflower oil and eucalyptus oil are other oils used for lubricating throat muscles which in turn stop snoring. Trying sleeping on sides is another possible way to cure snoring. Sleeping on sides reduces the intensity of sound produced while breathing.

Taking a light dinner is a best suggested way to cure snoring. Heavy meals with high carbohydrate and fat concentration increase the risk of snoring. In rare cases, snoring surgery is conducted for alleviating the problems related with snoring. As snoring is conducted due to the blockages in throat, muscle or nose, a surgery may be required to remove this blockage.

Regular doing of exercises is another technique for stop snoring. Facial exercises and voice exercises are two main exercises suggested for the treatment of snoring. Drinking a mixture of honey and ginger for lubricating throat muscles, inhalation of vapour with eucalyptus oil drops or pepper mint extract are other best used cures for stop snoring.

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