Store That Special SMS Somewhere Safe
Sunny • onDid You Know 12 years ago • 1 min read

Girls care about small things, like a sweet word spoken to them, and even something as small as the first SMS from their beloved. Many girls want to keep a special SMS safe even if they know each word of it by heart. ZYB allows these girls (and guys!) to save these small but important SMS online and cherish them forever.

Wondering what ZYB is? ZYB is an online phone data backup service - where you can store, manage & share mobile data without hassles and without fear of losing it. Because emotions are priceless, we couldn’t even put a price tag and offer this service for free!

The SMS backup on ZYB has just been launched. This new feature enables users to store SMS on The SMS can be viewed and used online or be restored to any phone. The SMS backup service is the first of its kind as it combines with the users own contact list and works for all mobiles - regardless of what operator you are using.

Other ZYB services include contacts and calendar backup and sharing. Google calendar can also be imported to the mobile phone through ZYB.

You’ll find the service on



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