Story Of A Women & Some Questions
Shilpa • onGeneral 10 years ago • 2 min read

A long time ago there was a very rich woman who was god gifted. If any part of her is cut off that becomes a human. She was very kind woman & had so many own & adopted children. But she saw no difference between any children.

Everybody came to her, due her & her sons' behaviour, they became her child. Between the children there were so many groups with their own leader and every group have their own language.

So many years passed & one cruel group of people came & looted everything she had. Due to long protest of her united children they had to go but unfortunately when they go they cut a portion from her shoulder & it becomes a very cruel human.

That human tried to cut her head. Then all the children united & protest & that human lost his courage.

Now one leader of a Children's group think that if I also cut my mom's right hand it will become a human & may be He (that human) loves me more than my mother and tried to cut it with help of some blindly believer of him

Now my question is whether the leader should cut the hand or not? If yes then why he was not agreed when somebody wants to cut her head?

What should do by the other group leaders & children?


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