Stress Relief Herbs And Stretching Exercise For Relaxation
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Finding natural stress relief is not far from your reach, because more and more people are beginning to become aware of natural ways to get relief for stress. For those of you that are not sure of what methods to employ when you are looking for natural stress relief, here are some natural stress relieving methods you can employ.

Herbs for Relieving Stress

Kava - Kava is known to have muscle relaxing properties and acts as analgesic to relieve pain. It is used in states of anxiety, stress and in insomnia. The extract of the herb is used to make the stress relief remedy, which may be a liquid or in a pill form. It promotes the sense of well being without upsetting alertness of the person.

Ginseng - Ginseng is a powerful herb to strengthen the nervous system, rejuvenates the ability of functioning and thereby fights tiredness. The net result is relief from stress with renewed energy.

Valerian - Valerian has a proven background as an efficient stress relieving herb. Its main effect is on the nervous system of the body and thereby calms down the system and brings sleep in a person. It is best used in insomnia and stress conditions of teenage girls during the critical stages of puberty. It brings a restful night's sleep after a stressful day.

Chamomile - Chamomile is the herb which has relaxing powers and is used as an energy drink as herbal tea. It is able to delete the sense of nervousness or impatience in a person and induces a peaceful mood to create a stress-free environment. It has mild sedative property and helps the person to get some sleep in agitated conditions.

Rhodiola Rosea - Rhodiola is a strong stress reliving herb with attributes to ignore fatigue by inducting energy in the system and is known to be a health boosting herb like ginseng.

Green tea has recently become a fashionable drink in the West, not least because it contains the substance theanine, which is a natural relaxant and mild tranquilizer.

Theanine itself is often now extracted and used in herbal stress relief and stress reduction products. Using the extract solves the problem of the caffeine in the tea itself, which would not help with relaxation. Theanine is probably the most commonly used and most effective natural cure for stress, and the one worth trying first. Check the resources page at the end of this article for some good and reliable online suppliers.

Phellodendron (cork tree) bark extract has been used for a long time in Chinese medicine, as a stress reliever, and is now being incorporated into many herbal medicines. It is combined with Magnolia officinalis bark (this is known to have anti-anxiety properties) in a modern preparation sold as Relora.

Rhodiola (also known as goldenroot or roseroot) is a traditional medicine from Northern Europe, and is used for its sedating effect and for relieving depression. It can also reduce fatigue.

Sitting Stretching Exercise

Sit on the floor with your legs fully stretched. Bend slightly attempting to touch your toes. It does not matter whether you are able to touch your toes or not; what is important that you are stretching all your back muscles through this exercise. Repeat it four times.

Maintain the same position as in stretch no 1 and but now spread your legs and repeat the same move: bend to touch the toes of each foot. Repeat it four times.

In the same sitting position stretch your hand above your head and cross your legs together. Maintain the position for four seconds and repeat four times.

Uncross your legs and keep them straight; bring your hands down behind your back and bend forward as much as you can attempting to touch your legs with your head. Hold the posture for four seconds and straighten up. Repeat four times as with the other exercises.

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