Struggling Heroine Ready For Nights
pavan • onEntertainment 9 years ago • 1 min read

Madhu Sharma is the cute face from North who made it to Tollywood as a heroine, but that honeymoon did not last long. After a few initial moderate successes she was relegated to oblivion. Then came a phase of item songs and small itsy-bitsy roles! She was well appreciated here, but the remuneration was limited.

In reality this is the phase the actress has been going through for some time now. She as yet does these roles, but is unhappy with the remuneration. But that is not stopping her from accepting them. Madhu is doing the small roles, but on the side is also getting ready for some paid-up night action. She is usually ready for a rate on most nights. Desperate souls are making hay when the sun shines. Struggling she may be as a heroine, but her night business is definitely flourishing!


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