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Singapore has a rich history and culture. With the passage of time the city-state has emerged as an important trading destination in Asia. Diverse cultures, languages and religions give Singapore a cosmopolitan look.

The Government of Singapore spends a huge amount on education and it is among one of the top priorities of the government. After the secondary education, students can get themselves enrolled to a junior college and then move on to any one of the four universities present in the country.

These universities – the National University of Singapore, the Nan yang Technological University, the Singapore Management University, and the SIM University – provide state-of-the-art facilities and excellent opportunities in higher education.

The two public universities in the country – the National University of Singapore and the Nan yang Technological University each has more than 20000 students. These universities have a number of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes and doctoral degrees. The Singapore Management University is a private university funded by the government. The SMU provides excellent education in Management and Business streams.

The curriculum at the higher educational institutions has been patterned on a modular system. The undergraduate and graduate programmes are multi-disciplinary in nature. These programmes have been designed according to each student’s ability, interest and ambitions.

In order to aid the students who are planning to study in Singapore, here are some links, which are mentioned below. These links will help a student understand Singapore better and also know more about the colleges and universities in Singapore

Step-by-Step Guide for Applying Directly to Schools Admission is subject to the availability of vacancies, provided there are no SC/SPR children on the schools’ waiting lists, and the schools’ admission criteria.

International students without DP, IEO and whose parents are not SC/SPR and who are seeking admission to Primary 2–5 or Secondary 1–3 are required to sit for and pass a Qualifying Test (QT) before making a direct application to schools.

International students seeking admission to Primary 1 or JCs are not required to sit for the QT; please see Step 2.

For more information, please visit the Qualifying Test section on this website.

Submit your application at the school of your choice with the required documents.

If there is a vacancy, you will need to pass a placement test conducted by the school. Applicants will be tested on subjects such as English, Mathematics and Mother Tongue Language (where applicable).

Upon passing the test, the school will issue you with a Letter of Acceptance (LOA).

The Letter of Acceptance is valid for two weeks, during which time, you must apply for a Student’s Pass with the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

The applicant must return to the school with a valid student’s pass within 2 weeks of the LOA’s date of issue. Otherwise, the applicant will forfeit his / her admission to the school.

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