Sun Exposure Your Skin Need More Care
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Exposure to the sun during the summer months are from the popular... sports as we can and sometimes pointed out, enough to cost us if the skin does not receive proper care before, but after the report.

And if the before quite a few warnings we have received, not the case for the after- a period in which we to minimize the negative effects of enjoyable sunbathing.

All skin types normal, dry, oily and mixed can be dehydrated. It would be wrong to say therefore that an oily skin does not dehydrate. The treatment of dehydrated skin is a general and local.

We must balance the nervous system food is abundant rich in water and use appropriate cosmetics. We must also protect the skin from the sun and benefits of massage works on greasy cream to which water is in very important substances as cholesterol and glycerine.

The massage can achieve Call influx of blood and lymph to the face and body, which means better absorption of products used and toxins, respectively.

Necessary after the summer holiday should be made by the aesthetic us a cure of 15 sessions, twice a week, moisturizes the skin, because the air, sea, sun, poor diet to dehydrate. Moisturizing is a healthy diet, using the right products with the right massage knows how to do the aesthetic and required by the method Only applies to a person.

Vitamins and minerals are essential for skin and hair. Particularly noteworthy, the two vitamins A and E. Vitamin A is the most important agent for the continuous regeneration of the skin. The cell walls are stabilized - the result is a fresh, smooth skin. Egg yolk, mackerel and salmon are good sources of vitamin A. Fruits and vegetables provide beta- carotene, which is converted by the body into vitamin A. Above all, intensive colored fruits and vegetables, such as Carrots, peppers, apricots, broccoli, etc. contains much beta - carotene.

In person: The method by which we pass through the skin, with the help of electricity, water elements. The correct sequence of treatment are: a good cleansing emulsion for ladies, then rubbing it and removing the water, lotions and moisturizing day cream with sunscreen filters.

But you can try for yourself a mask dehydration stirring a tablespoon of corn flour an egg yolk, grated carrot and minimal lanolin.

Start spreading the mask upward movement from the inside out, starting from the neckline and climbing up the front. Never in the eye area unless an eye mask.

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