Sunburn Treatment And Perfect Herbal Remedies For Sunburn Relief
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Sunburn results from too much sun or sun-equivalent exposure. Almost everyone has been sunburned or will become sunburned at some time.

Anyone who visits a beach, goes fishing, works in the yard, or simply is out in the sun can get sunburn. Improper tanning bed use is also a source of sunburn.

Although seldom fatal (sun poisoning), sunburn can be disabling and cause quite a bit of discomfort.

This is natural remedy for sunburn using Strawberries : Mash strawberries and buttermilk together to make a healing face mask.

The strawberries alone will reduce redness and rash provide you are not allergic to them, and buttermilk is delectably cool and minimizes irritation. This is beneficial for the treatment for sunburn.

Causes of Sunburn

Sunburn is caused by too much exposure to the sun or other ultraviolet light source.

Sunburn occurs because the body is unable to make adequate melanin (protective pigment in the skin) to protect the skin.

Sunburn may occur in less than 15 minutes of sun exposure for light-skinned persons while it may take hours for a dark-skinned person to develop sunburn.

Symptoms of Sunburn

The symptom of the sunburn can appear from 1 hour to 1 day after contact to the sun. While some of the symptoms such as red skin, are usually temporary, the skin damage is often permanent.

In the case of severe sunburn, blisters are shaped. Possible symptoms of sunburn are:

  1. Swelling of the skin, particularly in the legs

  2. Skin peeling

  3. Red warm skin

Treatment of Sunburn

One of the best sun burn treatments is & Repair Regimen, which can protect and repair damaging effects of the sun.

The best treatment for most sunburn is time. More severe burns may be treated with burn ointments such as silvadene.

A medicine called Indocin if taken soon after sunburn will help reduce the pain, redness and swelling. Indocin is obtainable from your doctor with a prescription.

Home Remedies for Sunburn

Application of any cream containing vitamin E to the affected areas will reduce itching. This is a very simple sunburn treatment.

Milk is the best food remedy for any kind of burns. Applying the cloth to the burn dipped in milk will provide relief. Good home remedy for sunburn.

Applying ice to the area will also be beneficial. Rub the area with mustard oil and leave it for sometime. It will remove the tan and pull out the heat from the affected area providing relief from itching and redness. This is one of the good sunburn treatment.

Keeping cold tea bags on the area will remove tanning from the sunburns.

Make a mixture by mixing, yogurt, turmeric and barley, apply on the affected area. This is one of the simple and good home remedies for sunburn.

Make a mixture of one part tomato juice and 6 parts buttermilk and apply it to the affected areas and wash it after 30 minutes. This is also effective home remedy for sunburn.

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