Supplements For Increasing The Female Libido
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These enhancer’s female libido pills are completely natural ingredients, and are aimed exclusively at women with low. Improve the function and increase sexual desire. Some of the herbal ingredients in the formula of these pills are very effective and brings immediate results.

Among the much strength that has these supplements should note that enhance the erotic sensations, increase blood flow to the clitoris, balance estrogen levels and fight the symptoms of menopause. Briefly, these products greatly improves personal relationships and make them more enjoyable, so your recommend as a very good solution to solve this problem.


1. The female reproductive system

The main organs are the uterus, both fallopian tubes and both ovaries. The uterus, most often the pear-shaped (upside down), comprises the main body of the uterus and cervix. The main function of the corpus uteri is the formation of the endometrial, which is implanted and the fetus develops.

Through this channel, both the menstrual blood finds passage to the outside; on the other hand, pass the sperm to uterine cavity, on their way to the fallopian tubes. The main functions of the neck are two. The first is to produce an alkaline secretion during the fertile days of the menstrual cycle, necessary for the survival and movement of sperm and the second, acting as a clamp when the woman becomes pregnant.

Low Libido Causes

Infertility is a problem of the reproductive system resulting in the inability of a man or woman to achieve a pregnancy or a woman to carry the pregnancy through. At birth a child.

The definition was accepted in medicine is the absence of conception after at least one year of regular intercourse without using contraceptives. Regular intercourse refers to intercourse at least two to three times a week. The term is also used for women who fail to complete pregnancy due repeated miscarriages.

Causes of Low Libido

Problems in the pelvis and fallopian tubes are usually associated with:

• Pelvic Inflammation • Ectopic pregnancy • Presence of adhesions • Endometriosis • Hydrosalpinges • Congenital anomalies

The ovulation disorders may be due to:

• Polycystic Ovary Syndrome • Early Menopause • Problems in the thyroid gland • Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy • Congenital anomalies • Stress • Obesity and high weight reduction / eating disorders • Use of drugs

Currently, both women and men experience losses in their sex life. The causes can be many and varied the most significant stress, anxiety and depression. Sometimes, this loss of libido can be caused by hormonal imbalances, fatigue, or even an adrenal exhaustion. Often it is ignorance on the subject so many women think that this lack of sexual appetite is normal, something that comes with age and has no solution.

However, now there are some supplements that are based on 100% natural herbs that enhances female libido and improves sexual desire, and thus the quality of intimate relationships. They are an interesting alternative to enhance our sexual appetite is not risking any serious side effects to take some kind of chemical drugs. In general, this type of product increases blood flow and improves the relaxation of muscles, which increases the lubrication of a completely natural way and provides a more sensitive vagina.

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