Supplements For Joint Pain And Rheumatic Disease
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Joint pain may result from trauma or disease may be caused. The totality of all the pain respectively. Most joints in the body tend to cause viral illness (colds, flu) disease - inflammation of the joints is called arthritis.

Joint pain but can cause many other diseases such as rheumatic disease, Infectious Disease or metabolic diseases.


Arthritis tends to occur in the elderly, people with unhealthy lifestyles, problems with joints are often people who work in the lift and move heavy objects over. Joint pain affects more women than men and is more prone to them and overweight people.

Pain and suffering from diseases of the joints only old people, also occurs in younger people, who disproportionately burden on their joints. In such cases, but also serves to prevent adequate food joints. Important is adequate intake of vitamins, minerals and specific substance collagen. Many people, especially the sport, you may be unaware of the problems of their joint pain and prevention and adequate nutrition, do not pay adequate attention. Between groups of people who would feed an additional particular should definitely consider the people are obese.

As a result of poor care joints annoying difficulties arise over time as problems in standing up, which can be prevented, but if you already break out may be too late.

What most damaging joint

• Destroy most of their injuries, fractures, sprains, excessive long-term loading... • Lack of movement • Prolonged standing, sitting or lying in an unnatural position • Wear and uncomfortable, narrow shoes and high heels • Infectious diseases, for example. Influenza, which often heralds the right joint and muscle pain, cure you’re them consistently because of arthritis can form a degenerative disease • Poor diet, lack of protein and vitamins, over-salting • Obesity, overweight

How to help joint

• Motion like swimming, stretching, yoga, • A diet rich in vitamins, antioxidants, magnesium, foods high in calcium (milk, cheese) • Fish - mackerel, carp, tuna and fish oil at least once a week • Fresh fruit and vegetables • Oil - soybean, sunflower, corn and of wheat germ • Acupuncture • Mud packs

Joint pain patients significantly regressed after 15 days of doctor-controlled diet, based primarily on fluid intake. Beneficial effect on them persisted even three months after the hunger strike. With the new knowledge will be able to some patients suffering from arthritis completely forego pain medication, or limit them.

The emergence and spread of inflammation that are associated with rheumatism and arthritis, helps the consumption of animal products. Many patients, therefore, after the hunger strike said to have changed eating habits. Have very little to eat animal products in small portions. However, the diet should be followed only under medical supervision.

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