Supplements Low Sperm Count And Increase Semen Volume
Dr. Mital John • onHealth & Beauty 9 years ago • 3 min read

There are many ways to increase sperm. Some of the natural supplements that assist to increase male sexual potency and sperm are vitamin E, zinc, ascorbic acid i.e. Vitamin C, argentine, vitamin E, Retinol (vitamin A), flax seed oil, Beta-carotene, octacosanol, Vitamin B6, and also group of vitamin B. All such nutrients are very essential to enhance and increase the sperm count, bettering sperm motility, improve prostate gland function, correct male sex hormone production by the body or correcting and achieving healthy nervous system.

However, there are no exact treatments to cure decreased sex interest as the causes may vary. Right from disliking the sexual partner to male sex hormone insufficiency and from altered male sex hormones to any damage or weakened male sexual organs can give rise to male low sperm. Depending on the causes, signs and symptoms, a treatment to increase sperm is decided. However, in case of loss of sperm due to some modern medication is cured by using antidotes that work against those medicines and restore the male sperm.

There are many herbal products that help in increasing sperm all naturally. Herbal extracts such as Shatavari, Ginseng, Shilajit, Indian gooseberry, Mucuna, etc are few of the herbs that are known to enhance the male sperm without affecting other body systems and also without producing any side/unwanted or harmful effects.

Low sperm count can be tackle using aphrodisiac herbs. One should also be careful while cycling since exercises like bicycling may raise scrotal temperature and may also contribute to numbness in genital organs. Low sperm count can be cured by quitting alcohol and smoking since they are known factor to cause infertility. Tobacco is found to damage the sperm's DNA and give rise to infertility.

For increasing sperm, one should also consume particular foods such as celery, raw oysters, banana, avocados, nuts, mango, peaches, strawberry, egg, liver, figs, onions, garlic, and even chocolate. Obesity can also bring decrease in sperm and hence, one has to take care about not putting extra pounds.

Over weight fellow is a risk factor to have erectile dysfunction and lower levels of testosterone. With proper diet and special exercises (such as pelvic muscle strengthening physical workout – as in Kegel Exercise), one can increase the male sex hormone production. Saturated fatty acids can result in clogging of the arteries that, in turn, may obstruct the blood flow to the male genital region and so the genital organs.

Many holistic healing practitioners believe that practicing Pranayama and yogasanas may help in treating male sexual problems and also help in increasing sperm. Techniques like ballooning, Jaquline exercises may help in preventing the premature ejaculation and may also help in getting good erection as a treatment for loss of sperm.

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