Support Sanjay Dutt -Online Campaign
manna • onGeneral 11 years ago • 1 min read

Hi! its about Sanjay Dutt, a Munna Bhai who touch hearts with Gandhi Giri. Now he is in jail under arms act & wants to challenge verdict in Supreme Court. So we strat a online Campaign to know the views of Indian Public about Sanjay in or out. How all this effect the Sanjay's life, family & bollywood. The aim of campaign is only to know comments of his fans & not to challenge the Judgement. Click on to post comment



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  • Pooja 11 years ago

    Hi, Sanjay Dutta has suffered enough, and has paid his debt to the society already. He was imprisoned before for 16 months. And more so his behaviors was nothing but humble towards society.....i believe a less severe punishment would not be all that some social serve........i am not a fan of Sanjay Dutta but he has paid back enough.....