Surefire Tactics On How To Turn A Guy On
Chris • onRelationship 8 years ago • 3 min read

How to turn a guy on is a lot easier than you may think so don’t think about it just do it!

If you feel sexy you will be sexy! Whether you choose to wear a little black dress or a pair of jeans and a sweater, sexy is a state of mind feel sexy and you will be sexy! A light scented perfume is best it allows him to get close without chocking on your perfume. Never spray it on a kissable part of the body most perfumes don’t taste very good. Try a few spritzs on your clothes, then when the clothes come off you’ll still smell nice and he won’t have to taste test your perfume.

Keep the conversation light you want to get to know each other but there are some things that can kill a relationship before it starts like the ex’s. No man wants to feel like they are being compared to the last man you dated especially in bed so if you plan on making it that far don’t even bring up the subject and if he asks a casual answer is best, no details!

Allow him to share things about his life and feel like what he has to say is just as important as what you have to say. Asking too many personal questions about his parents and siblings is a bad topic. You don’t want him to think your mentally planning the seating chart for the wedding already.

Once the date is over and you find yourselves back at your place it’s time to put your magic to work. Lightly scented candles are a nice way to dimly light the room while adding a little romance to the atmosphere. A chilled bottle of wine waiting on the night stand will let him know you’re both on the same page.

Of course you will want to slip into something more comfortable, your choice of course either a silky or lacy see through teddy or a more wild and naughty piece of lingerie with less material may be more your style. Make sure you have a robe that goes with your lingerie selection. One look at you in your big fluffy, I think I’m getting the flu bathrobe you’ve had for a decade might kill the mood for him regardless of what’s underneath it! Invite him to get more comfortable perhaps offering him a large silky sheet or blanket will suffice.

Enjoy a nice glass a little kissing but no touching, just yet. Making a man wait to touch always turn him on for sure. A little teasing will intensify that magic moment. Start to undress yourself then stop and take a peek at what’s under his more comfortable “outfit” spend a minutes admiring it. Then allow him to finish undressing you.

If you want to stand out in his mind every time he thinks about the best sex he ever had, take control and explore every inch of his body, then allow him to explore yours then enjoy exploring each other. One last piece of advice, you have a voice, use it!

Keep looking out for more information and ideas from me on how to turn a guy on.


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