Sweet N Silly SMS
J.H.Balaji • onSms 11 years ago • 2 min read

The messages are just for Fun only not insulting anyone in anyway

Write a 'C' program about girlfriends :-




void main() { int girlfriends; int money; clearheart(); while(money== more) {
girlfriends++; money--; } printf("govinda govinda"); else printf("no girl friend "); Getch(); }

Cute Feel!: My hands never pain when typing message for you , but my heart always pains when there is no reply 4m U.

5 Lovable words "I m alone without u" 4 pleasant words "I care 4 u" 3 sweet words "I like u" 2 special words "Dear friend" 1 important word "U".

1 Heart Loving U!

2 Eyes Looking at U!

6 Senses Missing U!

24 Hours Thinking about U!

7 Days Messaging U!

100yrs I Need U as My "FRIEND"...

Small angry, Silly fights, Simple sms, Serious jokes, Sensitive feelings, Senseless speak, mixture of all is called Real friendship...

Top 5 Highly disappointing situations. 1. Bestfriend with ur own figure. 2. 10mark bit asked in 2mark. 3. HOD sitting near u on tour. 4. Super figure crossin u, when u r wit ur dad. 5. Teachers distributing ur testpaper infront of ur Junior girl students...

I smile at whom i like..

I cry for whom i care ..

I share with whom i love..

I laugh with whom i enjoy..

I msg whom i dont need to miss..!

Speaking without egos, Loving without intentions, Caring without expectations, Praying without selfishness is the sign of True Relations..!

3 GOLDEN RULES: "Who helping you, dont forget them" "Who loving you, dont hate them" "Who hoping you, dont cheat them" If you follow this, your life will be happy.

A thinking about past present and future

"Past is Experience Present is Experiment Future is Expectations"

"Wind the Past Mind the Present Find the Future"j



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