Sweet SMS
jaya lakshmi • onGeneral 12 years ago • 2 min read
  1. Measured by miles, U r far from me .... Measures by thoughts U r closer to me... Measured by closed eyes U r with me .... Measured by heart U r in me......

  2. The height of pain in life is to sit near the person u love d most ..... knowing that the person can neve b urs ...!!!!!

  3. Never ask for a SMILE..... JUST GIVE IT ! Never expect love from others ... JUST LOVE THEM! Never say I can't leav without u ... JUST SAY I LIVE FOR U !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Never try alone to take the weights of tear that comes out of ur heart & falls through ur eyes …….. ALWAYS REMEMBER A FRIEND IS HERE TO SHARE…..!

  5. A Wonderful saying …. "Trying to forget someone you love is like Trying to remember someone u've never met ..!!!"

  6. When I was alone I miss u most ! When I stay with others , I knew the value of u ! When U R with me I like to miss this whole world ……..

  7. Hundred words does not give pain….. But A true friend s silence makes more tears in heart …… So always keep in touch my FRIEND………….

  8. Liking U is my nature , Missing U is my disappointment ….. Fighting with U is my Time pass… Forgetting U is never in my life time …..

  9. I Hide my tears when I say ur name But The pain in my heart is still the same Altho I smile and seem carefree, There 's No one who misses u More than me …!!!

  10. Never Ignore a person who Luvs u Cares 4 u & Misses U Bcoz One day u may wake up frm ur sleep And realize that u've lost the moon while counting stars ……..!!!!

Miss You


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  • Guest 8 years ago
    This is extremely helpful for me personally. Thank you my mate