Swimmers Ear Natural Home Remedies That You Ought To Know
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This inflammation of the ear, is, as its name suggests, caused by water that gets inside the ear and the ear canal. Although it is more likely to occur in summer time, when people swim a lot and go to the pool, it can also develop if water reaches the ear canal when showering. It has some nasty symptoms like pain in the ear, a white or yellow discharge and diminished hearing. Home remedies for swimmers ear are easy to use and they alleviate the symptoms and the pain caused by this condition.

Home remedies include putting a few drops of vinegar into your ears. Vinegar is known to have an antifungal and antibacterial action and it will eliminate the cause of the inflammation. Put a few drops in one ear and keep them there for five minutes before turning the other ear. This remedy is going to have best results if the swimmer ear is mild.

In case you feel like you will develop swimmer ear because dirty water has reached your ears, put some apple cider vinegar in both ears and some cotton balls to keep the vinegar there. It will kill bacteria that might have got into your ear together with the water. In order to eliminate water from your ears and thus the possibility of developing swimmers ear, use your hair dryer, but make sure you don’t use it at maximum power because you wouldn't want to burn yourself.

Other home remedies for swimmers ear include baby oil. Warm it a little bit, but make sure it is not hot, and then place a few drops in each ear. Use cotton balls to keep the oil in the ear. If you want to reduce the pain in the ear, apply hot compresses. There are also antiseptic drops that you can buy from almost any pharmacy that will keep bacteria and fungi away.

While being affected by the swimmers ear, make sure the ill ear is kept dry. Use cotton balls when showering to prevent water from reaching the ear again. In order to prevent the inflammation, put a few drops of baby oil in your ear before swimming, especially in a pool where water might be contaminated. It is best to never swim without a shower cap, especially in pools that are used by many people.

Home remedies for swimmers ear are a solution that is always at your disposal. However, if your condition worsens and the symptoms don't go away in a few days, it is best to make an appointment with a doctor.

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