Swin Flu Causes And Symptoms And Baba Ramdev Yoga For Swine Flu Treatment
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Swin flu is a big problem around the world. Recent report said that more than 1000 cases of the Swin Flu exiting in India only. The famous Indian Yoga guru Baba Ramdev has given some Ayurvedic Medicine for Swine Flu-H1 N1.

Baba Ramdev said at Delhi in Tuesday about Swin Flu, Swin flu is cause of lack of resistant power of our bodies. He also says that yoga had the power to cure H1N1 Virus. He told that every body should increase his resistant power. Baba Ramdev has recommended a plant named Gilloi or giloy plant herb which can be both, a preventive measure as well as a cure for Swine flu as it makes the respiratory and immune system strong


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in humans the symptoms of swine flu are similar to those of influenza and of influenza-like illness in general. Symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue. A few more patients than usual have also reported diarrhea and vomiting.

Because these symptoms are not specific to swine flu, a differential diagnosis of probable swine flu requires not only symptoms but also a high likelihood of swine flu due to the person’s recent history. For example, during the 2009 swine flu outbreak in the United States, CDC advised physicians to “consider swine influenza infection in the differential diagnosis of patients with acute febrile respiratory illness who have either been in contact with persons with confirmed swine flu, or who were in one of the five U.S. states that have reported swine flu cases or in Mexico during the 7 days preceding their illness onset.”[16] A diagnosis of confirmed swine flu requires laboratory testing of a respiratory sample (a simple nose and throat swab).


Recommendations to prevent infection by the virus consist of the standard personal precautions against influenza. This includes frequent washing of hands with soap and water or with alcohol-based hand sanitizers, especially after being out in public. People should avoid touching their mouth, nose or eyes with their hands unless they’ve washed their hands. If people do cough, they should either cough into a tissue and throw it in the garbage immediately, cough into their elbow, or, if they cough in their hand, they should wash their hands immediately.[26] Vaccines that are effective against the current strain are being developed.

Baba Ramdev yoga

According to Indian Yogi 'Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj', We have got all the immunity inside our own body that can fight against any virus and keep us away from illness and it is our birth right to persist disease free, healthy & fit. We all have undreamed of powers sleeping within us which have to be awakened with proper training and practice.

Let us consider 2 of the most important techniques in PRANAYAM that can immensely build our immunity power and cure almost all the respiratory troubles. As this Swine Flu is also respiratory related, these can for sure help to fight against the virus.

These should be practiced either early in the morning before sunrise or during sunset in the evening. If practiced with empty stomach after completing the morning ablutions, maximum results can be exploited. And If you are practicing in the evening session, you must not eat/drink anything for around 3/4 hours before practicing.

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