Swollen Breasts During Pregnancy And After Pregnancy
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Swollen breasts during pregnancy is a common symptom and one of many changes that your body will experience during the nine months of pregnancy, caused by the increasing levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone, that make you feel like you are having an exaggerated growth in breath size. This sensation will usually remain during the first trimester of your pregnancy.

Discomfort caused by swollen breasts during pregnancy, usually diminish significantly when the second trimester starts. The rising of hormone levels is responsible for the increase in blood flow, causing breast tissue changes. Your breasts may feel not only swollen but also tingly, sore, and extremely sensitive to touch.

Swollen breasts during pregnancy is considered one of the earlier signs of pregnancy, occurring around 4 to 6 weeks after the missed period, lasting through the whole first trimester, while soreness will remain while your body is adjusting to the normal hormonal changes of this cycle.

Breasts usually get bigger in fact, continue growing during the expectant months up to a cup size or two. This growing is natural, preparing your body for breast feeding, and the size is more significant with your first baby. Swollen breasts during pregnancy may cause stretch marks on the skin that softens after giving birth.

Most of the time you may also expect an itchy sensation in your breasts and particularly around the areola-nipple portion that usually disappears in time. Swollen breasts during pregnancy may not grow too big, but that is normal too, size does not matter but the ability to breast feed.

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