Symptoms And Some Great Home Treatment For Leucoderma Or Vitiligo
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Leucoderma is a rare skin disease characterize by white spots and patches. In this distressful but not contagious disease, there is a gradual loss of pigment called melanin from the dermal layers that consequences into white patches. Leucoderma may begin with a small patch but slowly and steadily spreads throughout the body.

The actual cause is still not recognized though several studies have been conducted on the subject. Some of the perceived causes are emotional stress, hereditary factors, worms, sunburns and physical illness.

What causes Leucoderma is still not branded. Despite advanced research, medicine is still trying to figure out the exact cause of Leucoderma.

Leucoderma is a chronic disorder of the skin where the skin stops producing pigments that color the skin. As a result white patches become visible randomly at different locations on the skin. These patches are white in color and as occasion passes may increase in numeral and size. Leucoderma is not a medical term.

It is only a substitute name for vitiligo. Vitiligo is a more common name for this disease in the west where as in Asia leucoderma is used more.

The Skin is colored in different shades of brown due to a pigment called melanin.Special cells called melanocytes are responsible for the produce of melanin. Sometimes, for reasons dubious, the melanocytes stop producing melanin which results in white skin patches.

Leucoderma Treatment

Individuals suffering from this state are recommended to expose the skin area that is affected to the sun each day for about twenty to thirty minutes. Some patients may undergo artificial treatment with ultra violet rays if shortest sunlight isn’t sufficient.

To avoid skin irritation individuals should use mild shower gels and stay away from cream and powder cosmetic products. Some physicians do recommend spreading coconut oil over the patch and a diet rich in iron.

Adjusting an individual’s lifestyle is one more part of treatment by making it more relaxed and avoids stress where possible.

Treatment can be a long procedure and individuals should start a balanced diet if they haven’t already done so once they are diagnosed. A daily food intake should include fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and grains.

Home Remedies for Leucoderma

Taking a decoction prepared from the leaves and stem of basil plant is one of the most reliable natural home remedies for Leucoderma treatment. Crush approximately 35 grams of radish seeds and add about one teaspoon of vinegar in it to make a fine paste. Applying this paste on the affected area can help eliminating the white spots and retain the normal skin color.

Taking the juice extracted from goosefoot fruit and applying the juice extracted from its leaves on the white patches is one of the most successful home remedies for Leucoderma. This goosefoot therapy should be sustained for at least two months to relieve the problem. Regularly drinking cucumber juice mixed with about 100 grams of alfalfa seeds twice a day helps in dealing with white patches caused by this disease. www. Make a fine powder of dried pomegranate leaves and consume about eight grams of this powder two times per day on a daily basis for treating white patches on the skin. A mixture of garlic juice and pulverized harad fruit can be applied on the white patches of Leucoderma to get rid of or lessen them to a great extent.

Home Remedies for Leucoderma
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