Symptoms, Causes And Home Remedies For Measles Treatment
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Measles is a very infectious illness caused by a virus - a viral infection caused by the rubeola virus. It is an endemic disease; meaning it is continually present in a community and many people develop resistance. If measles enters an area where the people have never been exposed the result can be devastating.

A measles outbreak in 1592 in the island of Cuba killed approximately two-thirds of the native population who had previously survived smallpox. A couple of years later half the indigenous population of Honduras died. Over the last 150 years estimates place the total global measles death toll at 200 million people. One fifth of Hawaii's population died in the 1850s from measles.

Symptoms :

If your child has measles, he will be very sick. Look for the following symptoms: Days 1-3 (Prodrome): mild to high fever, harsh cough, runny nose, red eyes and sneezing; tiny white spots on gums near upper molars or inside cheeks. Days 4-8: high fever; characteristic rash, spreading from face to trunk, then to arms and legs. Skin starts to peel in two to three days. Rash starts to fade from the face by the time it reaches the arms and legs. Your child may also develop inflammation of the eyes (conjunctivitis), which will make the eyes sensitive to light.

Measles Causes

Both the rubeola and rubella viruses are spread through the respiratory route. This means they are contagious through coughing and sneezing. In fact, the rubeola virus is one of the most contagious viruses known to man. As a result, it can spread rapidly in a susceptible population. Infected people carry the virus in their respiratory tract before they get sick, so they can spread the disease without being aware of it.

If people are immune to the virus (either through vaccination or by having had measles in the past), they cannot get the disease caused by that virus. For example, someone who had rubeola as a child would not be able to get the disease again. Remember that rubella and rubeola are different viruses. An infection with one of these viruses does not protect against infection with the other.

Home remedies for Measles

When a person has measles he usually loses his digestive capability. Along with this he seldom gets thirsty thus also losing his appetite with it. By consuming orange juice, we could avoid these problems. The flavor provided by the orange could provide solution to loss of taste by the patient. Orange is preferably the best liquid to take in this situation.

The intake of lemon juice also solves problems associated with measles thirst. Taking in 15ml - 25 ml of diluted lemon juice with water should do the trick. Turmeric also could provide help with patients of measles. Dried turmeric roots, powdered to about 1/2 teaspoon mixed with honey and the juice of a few bitter gourd leaves must be consumed by the patient with measles. This is one of the good measles cure.

Other than relieving cough powdered liquorices could also treat measles. With half teaspoon powdered liquorices mixed with the same amount of honey, it should be good to have a patient consume the mixture.

Making use of barley water as home remedies for measles will help combat bothersome cough. This water ought to be taken often, sweetened with the newly-drawn oil of sweet almonds.

Egg plant seeds are stimulants and serve as perfect measles home remedies. Ingestion of half to one gram of these seeds every day for three days would assist development of immunity against measles for a year. When the treatment starts, the patient must be able to consume juices of fresh fruits like oranges and lemons regularly. This would be enough as the child experiences loss of appetite at this point of time. For a while the child could be given an all-fruit diet before getting onto a well-balanced diet.

Another natural remedy for measles is to see to it that they are staying in a well aerated area. Since patients with measles are very sensitive to light, it is advisable that the area where the patient stays must have minimal light.

The main goal in treating measles is to lower down the temperature and get rid of the toxins. This could be achieved through using warm-water enema and mudpacks. These systems must be applied occasionally to the patient. Luke warm baths are measles treatment as they could also relieve itching especially when neem leaves are included.

In order to avoid other people from getting infected, the patient should have minimal interaction with other people. It must also be taken into account that total rest could lead to total recovery.

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