System To Fight Baldness And Hair Loss
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Hair is important for each person in addition to the aesthetic importance of the person and gives it the distinctive shape is a shield against human skin in hairy areas of heat and cold and intense friction that affects the skin.

This balance is often disturbed by pathological factors related to nutrition, systemic organic disease, a hormonal disorder in local disease, to drugs, psychological factors, aggressive cosmetic treatments of hair, to bad habits to bad heredity.

The baldness, which affects males usually, or hereditary baldness or decreasing the amount of hair is the most common causes of hair loss cases. It can be done by the genetics of the mother or father's side. And women, who develop this genetic disease complains of dwindling amount of hair, do NOT develop the full baldness. This condition is known medically and begins in adolescence and in their twenties or thirties.


Causes of Hair Lose:

• The use of certain drugs: Such as drugs used to treat cancer (methotrexate methotrexate), and Alakakiralte used to dilute blood (heparin haparin), and drug chloroquine (cloroquine) which is used to treat malaria. • Increase male hormone (testosterone, testosterone) that causes hair loss and the large head and body hair such as what is happening in Almtkis ovarian syndrome (polycystic ovary syndrome). • Topical incidence of certain infections of the scalp such as fungal infections that cause hair loss in the pubic area. • Can be a presentation of hair loss for some diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus • abuse or chemical hair dyes frequently use heat drying, or increase the tension during the development of hair rollers that are used by the hairdressing, hair or rubbing vigorously during drying. • Frequent exposure to hair conditioner, sun and dust. • Wash your hair frequently with salt water or hardship or genitive chlorine.

Treatment: Hair loss treatment varies depending on the causative factors, if the cause is malnutrition, anemia can be treated precipitation to good nutrition and iron pills, but if the reason was the disruption of thyroid hormone could be back to normal hair that corrects the flaw.

If either hair loss due to inflammation localized to be the appropriate use of antibiotics and then is cured with the permission of God.

For hair loss caused by the use of certain drugs, the precipitation is gradually stopped after the arrest of treatment, although it was necessary to use drugs may be replaced with another, with fewer side effects.

If the hair loss due to increased male hormones they must treat the problem causing the increase in the secretion of hormones, in the case of the impossibility of treatment can be the use of certain topical medications that stimulate hair follicles and increase their growth.

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