T- Bomb Bonds Reddy- Kamma Communities
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T- Bomb Bonds Reddy- Kamma Communities

Ever since the Telangana agitation began with the instigation of KCR, not one good thing has happened except strikes, bandhs, property loss, business loss and closing of educational institutions. Right now, the state is in absolute mess due to this and life has literally come to a standstill. However, amidst all this, a new wave of friendship and relationship is emerging.

This is coming across in the most unusual and unexpected fashion and that is the Reddy- Kamma bonding. The two men who seem to be setting a new example for this happen to be Y S Jagan and Lagadapati Rajagopal. Apparently, both have got a deep rooted history of friendship and they are strong business partners in each other’s ventures as well.

Currently, both of them have vouched that they would stand up for a unified Andhra and this has rippled into a new phase. History has shown that both Reddys and Kammas have been separated by a strong caste factor and that’s what spurted differences as well. But with the Telangana agitation into the picture, many heads of both communities have decided that they have to come together to thwart this. Both Jagan and Lagadapati are now being looked at as the heads of both communities for the financial muscle and political charisma they have. So if this bonding happens then it will be a real good change for the Telugus.

Both of them happen to be the most influential and strongest communities in the Telugu fraternity and with the greater cause of binding all the Telugus together as one state coming into the picture, the caste barriers are likely to be broken and new relationships are to be formed. Both Jagan and Lagadapati are currently playing a crucial role in carving the future of Andhra Pradesh and those intellectuals who are watching this new formation say that this relationship will take the Telugus way beyond the other states and set a new example.

Let us wish that both the financially strong communities come together to take the Telugu community politically, industrially and culturally to new heights of success.



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  • Guest 9 years ago

    Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) which got only 10 seats in the last elections was dismally disapproved by the Telanaga people. As abosulte majority means an approval.

    In the context of which we can conclude that even the Telanga people do not want to seperate state.

    Then the current violence, killings perpitrated by KCR are nothing but terrorist activities akin with Mujahiddin seperators of Kashmir, of Sikhs demand for seperate land.

    Telugu brothers and sisters where ever you are please do not support the terrorist organization TRS anymore as it was voted out last election.