'T' Talk: ''Loafer' KCR Shouldn't Get The Credit'
pavan • onGeneral 9 years ago • 2 min read

'T' Talk: ''Loafer' KCR Shouldn't Get The Credit'

The reactions of Telanagana people barring the activists are mixed now. Some are giving startling feelings on KCR and the announcement of Sonia Gandhi. Here is an uncensored expression of a citizen.

“We don’t know if the conditions will be better when separate Telangana state is formed. We are taught that we got betrayed. Hence some times we believe that the conditions may go better with more employment opportunities for us. But we are not happy for KCR getting the credit of becoming a key person in formation of separate Telangana state. He is a loafer in our ideology. He ran behind power and chair but not people in his life time.

He is money minded, drunkard and selfish fish in filthy pond of thoughts. We shunned him in 2009 elections by not voting for him. He shunned us in GHMC elections by not contesting. Now he gathered some ‘aaku rowdies and howles’ to act according to his whims and fancies. Some innocent students are also pulled into his political rut. We are unhappy for KCR getting the credit”, says Chidanand Goud, a businessman.

We have to see the how the conditions change and how KCR will face the problems from the people living in Telangana region.



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