Take Care Of Yourself
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In the name of God who has not begotten,nor has begotten.

Take care of Your Head:

Take care of what you are thinking, what is coming as a thought in your mind, is it good, healthy, or something harmful or corrupt .Have you ever taken care how much do you waste your brain in foolish thoughts, how much do you waste yourself in day dreaming. How much brain you use in Sins pursuits.....Take care it is not free to use. You have to take care.with this brain you can contemplate and devise many beneficial things for you and all.You can ponder over the real cause of our anxiety and you can think how to raise the word of God in this world. Take care..........

Take care of Your ear:
Take care that you do not listen to Lies, dirty talk, Backbiting, Slandering , Blasphemous language, Take care words travel through ears to your heart where they make an imprint. So always take care that you listen to right, true, and virtuous things. What you have to do is to take care ........

Take care of your eyes:
Take care that your eyes do not see what is forbidden, Do not gaze at anyone for passion , Do not look at deprave and dirty films and sights.Your eyes are an Gift .Use it in purposeful pursuits.Do you know that there are alot of signs of God you have not seen with your eyes yet.....Take care that eyes see and send it to your brain and heart and then it spreads as a message and after words the it takes the shape of desire.....and then lust and then on and on an on....So all we have to do is to abstain from what is evil or Satanic, Forbidden, shameless, dirty , obscene.......If you do this my friend you will see the change in yourself , you will taste the sweetness of your Faith in your heart.......Oh My friends Just take care......Eyes are an Gift,,,,,,use it as God wants........Take care.

Take care of Tongue:
Stop and think before you speak -One must think what is going to utter. It should not be slander, back biting, Lie, abusive language.Don't taste Nasty things.

Take care of Stomach:
Take Care what you are eating. It should not be forbidden , unlawful.We should not let any forbidden food or drink to enter our stomach; It should not be made out of usury, interest The meat we eat should be properly slaughtered.Remember whatever is in-come is always the out-come.

Take care of our Hands:
Take care that you dont commit anything unlawful to anybody with your hands, Your hands are for the help to the poor and needy , God gave them to you to help His servants on the earth,He did not give you to misuse it and to insult and beat any one . Dont write nasty things, Don't pick up Nasty things. Don't play Nasty things or Games. Your hands are those which will can earn you Paradais or Hell. Take care

Take care of your Legs:
Take care your legs should not walk on the way which leads to Hell, Which goes against God. Don't walk on the way which takes and makes you far and far from God.Don't go for futile , foolish, and Unlawful activities .Legs can take you to a good place and places of learning and at the same they can take you to the places of corruption and evil.it is upto you to use it .Take care my Friends that it is boon from the good that when you take a single step , the other step is automatic. If you walk towards God you are closer then the first step automatically. Run towards God .Take care.

Take care of your Wealth-Wake:
Take care that wealth is wealth, Don't waste it foolishly.....Look at your surroundings. A lot of people are unable to make both ends meet. In Africa People are dying out of hunger and thirst......Lacs of people are starving........The whole world is doing strenuous labour to earn a livelihood .......and we .....are wasting our hard earned money just like that......Remember me friends you will be asked.....about your wealth from where you accumulated it and to where you utilized it.......Never never be extravagant Don't waste our wealth.Always think how to make the best of your wealth. Invest it in lawful , proper and healthy places and its better invest it for your eternal life...........Remember some of your pocket money is someone's whole month Salary ........Someone runs his family with the money you spend in a day.............It is money it is wealth , An Gift.....given to you by God ......Take care......where are you spending it...... isn't it in something unlawful,,,,,,,,isn't it something which The God does not like....... Take care........

Take care of your Parents:
They are the blessings of God.Keep them happy with your words and action. Don't say a single word of disobedience and insult to them. If you wish to make God Happy ,then make your parents happier.Take care of them especially when they are old. They took all the pains when you were just nothing. You were toy in their hands and they made and shaped you.
what you say,Good or Bad whatever you are ,you should be grateful to those who are you called you mother and father.
Look at the face of your mother. You resemble so much with your mother.
Have a look at your father. You take after your father. They smile when they see you . They feel cool at their heart when they see you smiling.
So great and selfless these two are. For the Sake of God care of these two.
Your Paradiase and Hell is not far .
It is very close to you. My friends just take care of these two............

At last my friends......Take care of your self.......You are not a beast, You are not a insect....You are not a virus......You are the slave of God ..........You are not a just like that type of guy or gal........You are something which the world is waiting for.......Where are you lost My friends.......The world is waiting for you............Don't waste yourself.......Just take care........of yourself and everything you have.......

Just take care


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