Taliban Dictates Dress Code In Peshawar At Gunpoint
Rekha • onInformation 10 years ago • 2 min read

Despite Pakistan unleashing a major offensive on them in the tribal belt, local Taliban seem to be getting emboldened in northwestern city of Peshawar.

Reports say that the group is now threatening and thrashing people for wearing western outfits, scaring some into following the ’Islamic dress code’.

The workers of an insurance firm in Peshawar, the capital of troubled North West Frontier Province, have been directed by the company authorities to avoid shirt and trouser and wear ’shalwar-kameez' instead, The News daily reported on Wednesday.

Though the majority of the people working in the company were not used to traditional dress, the Taliban threats have now forced them to put on the traditional wear, it said quoting sources.

Reports said that the employees of various banks and other organisations have also started wearing traditional dresses. The local Taliban thrashed a medical representative at the city's busy Dabgari Gardens area a couple of days ago.

They beat up the man with butts of rifles after which he fell unconscious. The attackers left after putting a letter in his pocket which read "this was a message and next time those not abiding our instructions and wearing ’un-Islamic dress' would be slaughtered, said the report.

Some people identifying themselves as members of the Taliban had also entered a private bank branch at Ramdas area of the city sometime back and warned the staff not to wear western outfits like the pant and shirt.


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