Talk Dirty To My Boyfriend: What Words Turn Him Off?
Chris • onRelationship 8 years ago • 2 min read

Talking dirty to your boyfriend does not have to sound like your making a porn video. Using a little self control and remembering your self respect is much more of a turn on that blurting out nasty comments that you think will turn him on . In fact it may have just the opposite effect and completely turn him off.

Show some self control and choose your words wisely, you’re his girlfriend not a prostitute he picked up at a corner in the bad part of town. While talking dirty can do wonders for sex it can also turn a man off if you come on too strong. He has a certain image of you in his mind and when you stray so far from that image even in a playful way you can turn him off quickly.

It may even push him away or lead him to believe you are seeing someone else on the side, which of course will end the relationship. Men are not that different than women when it comes to suspicious behavior. If you start talking like a street walker he’s going to wonder where you learned that and most likely be convinced your other lover taught you! So trod lightly on new ground and make sure he is aware you are trying to spice up your sex life .

It’s not always the words you choose to use but the tone of voice you say them. There is no need to sound so loudly the people three houses down can hear you and he get embarrassed. If you don’t normal swear then don’t start! You can talk dirty to your boyfriend while maintain yourself respect and dignity.

For example the common phrase “YES! That’s the right spot, don’t stop!” is a perfect example of talking dirty while being yourself. Use your own imagination for other choice words and you’ll be able to easily see the difference between talking dirty to your boyfriend and pretending you’re on the set of a porn film!

The best way to talk dirty to your boyfriend is to be yourself and speak gently from your heart because believe it or not that’s what men want from you the real deal!


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