Talking Dirty - Figuring Out If It Is Right For You
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Are you somebody who has been wondering if talking dirty is the right thing to do? You have perhaps become interested in how it could spice up things in your bedroom…

You may even be ready and rearing to go. But there is that one niggling thought stopping you: What if your partner is totally turned off by your dirty talk? How do you figure out if it is right for you?

Worried If It Will All Go Wrong?

When you whisper those hot, dirty things into his ear, will he be furiously excited into action; or will he sneer in disgust? Will he just melt at your raunchy words like chocolate in your mouth and become your willing slave? Or will he jump up and run out the door as if they have been stung by wild bees?

You have no way of knowing until you have actually tired talking dirty at least once.

Breaking The Ice:

There are some ways to test the waters. Sneak it up on them gently, so that if you do cause offence, you can withdraw gracefully. If you are well received, well then, it could be a very pleasurable start to talking dirty!

If you are at all unsure about your partner, hold off with the very explicit and shocking words and actions till you are better able to judge their reaction.

Look Out For Clues While Talking Dirty: Look at him when you say something erotic. Make sure your words are suggestive, but in a non aggressive way. If he looks at you with obvious interest, reaches out to touch you, or turns his attention to you in a positive way, you are on the right path.

If he ignores you or seems uncomfortable, or suddenly finds an excuse to leave the room, consider it a warning sign. He just may not be in the mood, but one little incident should not put you off for ever. Just put a pause to it and remember to take it very, very easy when you try it out the next time.

4 Great Tips To Get You Started:

1.) Whisper something naughty to him while you are relaxing together watching TV, or a movie. If you time it with some thing romantic happening on screen, that would be even better. If he doesn’t take the bait, don’t worry. You have what’s happening on screen to distract you.

2.) When you are reading in bed, pick a good book that has an erotic love scene in it. Make sure it’s not a cheap or very explicit passage. Then ask him to read it with you and cuddle up. Point out naughty things. If it works this far, then try reading out the lines you find most exciting. You could give the love tips sections in Cosmo or Elle a try.

3.) If he is not comfortable with talking dirty, he will not stay to read more than a few lines. If he does draw away, stop! You will have done no harm to yourself; you were just sharing a book you were reading!

4.) The third way is probably the safest. Send him a steamy text message or an e-mail when you’re apart. If that lights his fire, he will get back to you, pronto! If he is a little shocked and bemused, time might give him second thoughts and get his juices flowing. And if he is downright disgusted by dirty talk, you can always plead temporary insanity!

Trust Your Instincts:

Eventually, you are the one who knows best if dirty talk will please or offend your partner. Subconsciously, you would have noticed just how your partner reacts to nudity and alternate forms of sexual expression. If these are not his thing, then it is best to stay away from talking dirty. If however, you have figured out by now that it’s right up his alley, happy dirty talking!

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