Talking Dirty Tips For The Beginner
Chris • onRelationship 8 years ago • 2 min read

For the beginner if talking dirty is new to you don’t be embarrassed it is actually a very natural part of the sexual experience. Hopeful these few tips will help ease in to the dirty talk without anyone becoming embarrassed.

The most important thing you need to know is if your partner wants you to 'talk dirty to me' and you have no idea what to say. If he sees you as his little princess then blurting out something filthy may be a turn off instead of turning him on. So much like everything else in a relationship you need to talk about it. Set your guidelines and boundaries and go from there.

If you are the very shy type then slowly ease in to the dirty talk don’t throw a comment straight out of a porn movie at him your first time around. This not only will shock him but he may begin to re-evaluate you and how well he knows you. If you’re a real natural at talking dirty he may not believe you when you tell him where you learned to talk like that.

Always stay within the boundaries that the two of you have established if you want to move beyond them always discuss this with him first, especially he may be a shy guy too! In the event it is the man who is uncomfortable talking dirty then always allow him to change the guidelines as you go just as you would expect him to allow you to change them being the uncomfortable one.

Remember it’s important to have fun it’s not about who can talk dirtier or who does it better. Keep it on an equal level it’s not a game. So don’t say something to him that there is no way for him to reply. You want it to be fun!

Also remember that your body language has a little dirty talk going on all the time in the way so you move, the secret tip is to use your eyes, lick your lips or even brush the hair from your face or from his face. Being a beginner at talking dirty you might want to start out using the body language method then ease in to the vocal method next.


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