Tanhai + Remember Me
Sunny • on 10 years ago • 2 min read

When life is filled with anguish When words are hard to find We think of kindred spirits They stay within the mind

The gifts that they will leave us They seem to give us peace One moment's time reflection The smiles of life increase

For those who touched our spirits They'll always be aware We lift our heads to heaven We say a little prayer

Let me hear the bird's song On every day of life The one that gives me pleasure That eases all our strife

Upon a barren branch now The bird is there to see He sings his special tune now The one "remember me"

In spring when buds are blooming Upon the branch he flies The sweetest song is heard now They echo through the skies

In summer trees are dressed now With leaves that fill the breeze The gentle song I hear now Are joined within the leaves

In fall when leaves are falling The bird of life still there Giving us sweet harmony The song of life to share

For every season coming For those that softly leave The music of your heart lives Remembering with ease

In life we share this beauty With friendship that's conceived The Bird will sing his song now Your love will be received.


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