Tattoos Ideas For Guys And Tips To Remove Tattoos
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Over time, modern Celtics developed and established symbols for themselves along the way. Celtic people in Northern America are known to display Celtic symbols to allow others to know that they have Celtic descent. Celtic symbols and knowledge have been passed down through the ages as their is little recognized written history retained today. Tatooing however, keeps Celtic traditions alive with the notorious Celtic cross and other common Celtic designs.

The bulk of Celtic tatoo designs and artwork come from Ireland where the history of the Celts is still very strong to this day. In Trinity College Dublin, Ireland you can see lots of documentation in manuscripts on Celtic symbols and heritage. Celtic tatooing reached its peak at about the same time that metalwork and stone work became highly desired.

Celtic knot tatoos are amongst some of the most favorite and most common designs, sporting loops with no end that symbolise a ne'er ending cycle of death and rebirth. There are also Celtic animal tatoo designs as well, which are similar in design to the knot tatoos, although the cords in the design commonly terminate in feet, tails or heads. Unless the person having the tatoo requests an end to the Celtic design to make a spiral then the Celtic knot tatoo design is usually ne'er ending.

Remove tatoos

There are actually a lot of options available to deal with a tatoo problem.

Laser removal is the most popular method wherein the ink is targeted and burned using laser light. As the ink turns into smithereens, the immune system will take care of gradually fading them. However, it takes a lot of sessions before you get the desired result and this can cost quite a lot of money, not to mention the scabs, blisters, and scars you can get from the painful sessions.

Intense pulse light therapy is another option for removing a tatoo. While this may be a similar method to laser therapy, it is said to be less painful and more effective. However, this actually costs a heavier price.

Other medical procedures are dermabrasion wherein the tattoo is sandblasted, and excision wherein the tatooed skin is removed. While these will surely take the tatoo off, they usually cause a lot of damage to the skin.

Fading creams is another way to go. They may be painless but they usually do not work very well.

Cover-up, that is covering the tatoo with another tatoo, is another thing you can do. This causes less damages compared to the other options mentioned above and all it takes is finding an excellent artist who can do the job well.

Considering all the options available for tatoos removal can help save you from spending too much without getting the result you want.

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