TDP Leaders Copies KCR
pavan • onGeneral 9 years ago • 1 min read

TDP Leaders Copies KCR

TDP leaders from the Andhra and the Rayalaseema regions have warned that a "pralayam" which roughly translates to deluge in English, would occur in Andhra Pradesh if the UPA government goes back on its word on "Samaikya Andhra".

The words were in fact directly copied from KCR who also warned of a "pralayam" if the UPA government goes back on its word on Telangana. But while the TDP leaders warned of the deluge if AP separates, KCR warned of the same if AP does not bifurcate.

Though the Congress High Command went back on its word on separate Telangana, no Pralayam or Deluge occurred as claimed by the TRS president KCR.

Atleast our leaders agree that a deluge would occur in Andhra Pradesh. Such situation is already occurring with Hyderabad slowly losing its brand value and many IT companies shifting their base from Hyderabad to Bangalore since the past few weeks.

Whatever the politicians say, it is the common people who are the real sufferers and the politicians are successful in damaging the brand name of Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh as an investment friendly area. Hyderabad has already gone 25 years backwards.



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