Tea Estate Hotels In Darjeeling - An Inimitable Experience
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Living in the beautiful city if Darjeeling is a delightful experience but if you book yourself in the tea estate hotels in Darjeeling, then this pleasure increases bountiful times. Locate mostly in the hilly terrains if the city, these accommodations will allow you to spend some time in the aromatic tea gardens of the city. Boasting of international class amenities, these tea estates are a perfect place to unwind, especially for those who love to stay amidst the natural beauty.

There are two most popular Tea Estate accommodations in Darjeeling. The Glenburn Tea Estate is located on a hilly area and overlooks the panoramic Himalayan ranges. The estate, founded by a Scottish company in the year 1860, was opened to the public only a few years ago. This boutique hotel is a luxury resort which offers various amenities and recreational facilities. Some of the main highlights of this hotel are the furnished suites, spectacular views of the mountains and many other amenities. This luxury hotel can charge anywhere between Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000 depending upon the time of the year and the suite booked.

Another very endearing tea estate in the city is the Makaibari Tea Estate. Boasting of being the first biodynamic tea garden, this tea estate enjoys a very respectable name. Claiming to be one of the three tea estates that created the tea tourism boon in India, the hotel has various rooms that are ornately decorated with fireplaces. The hotel also has a restaurant that serves vegetable grown in the kitchen gardens of the hotel. The hotel provides many options for accommodation viz, there are 3 cottages and 6 double room on rents, besides the heritage stone lodge that is replete with four luxury rooms and a roomy living space.

Besides, the wonderful tea estate accommodation in Darjeeling, there are many five star, three star, economical and even budget Darjeeling hotels to suit the demands of both leisure and business travelers. Suited for tourists of all budgets, these hotels are located very close to the city centers, thus making shopping an inevitable activity. Darjeeling, the queen of Himalayas, offers a very comfortable stay amidst the best if natural beauty. The heritage hotels in the city are the bets places for those who want to enjoy a pleasure filled comfort stay in Darjeeling.

Plan a trip to Darjeeling and stay in these beautiful havens that has much more to offer than just beauty, comfort, leisure and pleasure.

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