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There are so few body parts to the imagination as a woman’s breasts. They are a sex object for men and represent a tasty meal for babies. But for you they are just one part of your body that you - like the other parts - as well as possible to show. With these tips bring you the best in your cleavage up.

Correct Bra The simplest - and completely painless - way to get a nice cleavage is a good bra to wear. Nearly 80 % of women wear the wrong size bra! But once you treat your breasts in a bra the correct size, you can immediately see the difference. And aesthetics aside, wearing the right size bra is important for your health. Too small bra is not good for your breast tissue and if you wearing a bra too big get your breasts are supported. So grab the next time straight to your familiar bra size, but also lets you measure size. Most lingerie shops have experienced staff with the right bra for you can find. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

Good clothes Wear clothes you Figure flattering. Your small breasts look bigger to make, choose clothing with a beautiful neckline like a v- neck, neck or a halter - you. A bustier or corset top give you a nice cleavage, but make sure they are not too tight. Throughput dresses and tops are ideal if you have larger breasts. As an added bonus you seem even slimmer waist with a transfer.

Care Pamper your breasts regularly. You can buy at the drugstore special creams that nourish and smooth your skin and elastic. But you can also use your regular facial products to care for your cleavage. Use once a week for a gentle face scrubs your neck. Then, apply a moisturizing mask on your face, neck. Remove everything with a warm washcloth and refresh the skin face lotion with no alcohol. Use your night cream is not just for your face and neck, but also for your cleavage.

During pregnancy, extra attention is highly recommended. Your breasts need additional support so they change. Stay after childbirth lubricates to restore your breasts to promote. This way you can prevent or reduce stretch marks.

Exercises Unless you are willing to come many pounds or under the knife, it is not possible your breasts larger. Yet they can be bigger, stronger and make it look nicer. By at least three times a week pectoral muscle exercises, you train the muscles under your breasts. As to be stronger, get your breasts forward and they seem bigger.

Pectoral exercises * Put your hands together for your breasts. Keep your elbows at shoulder height and press your hands together. You feel - and see - your chest muscles tighten. Repeat fifteen times, let your arms drop, take a break and do two sets of fifteen. * Put your hands on the floor so they are slightly higher and slightly wider than your shoulders. Spread your fingers a bit. Stretch your back and legs, keep your head straight and make sure everything is aligned with your legs. Put your feet together and make sure that your buttocks do not protrude above everything. Leave your bags now and push yourself with your arms up again. If this is too hard, you can easily drill through your knees and lower legs on the ground to rest.

Cold showers Your breasts are as beautiful as the skin around it is. Your breasts are mainly fat and skin supports your breasts and keeps them in place. Because your skin firm and supple, prevent your breasts to prematurely fail. For an elastic skin, good blood circulation is needed and unfortunately a cold shower is the best way to improve the circulation to trigger. After showering is good - for the entire body - your cold water rinse. Start with tepid water and gradually lower the temperature. Save two birds with one stone and also rinse your hair with cold water for extra shine.

Healthy eating Nice but if you lose those extra pounds - but a disadvantage of losing weight is that your overweight your breasts can also disappear. Make sure you go next to your diet, exercise to strengthen your muscles, including your chest muscles. To build your muscles to promote it is important that you get enough protein inside. Proteins are the building blocks of your muscles, so drink a pint of milk each day. Do not drink more than half a liter, because the excess protein is then converted into fat. Choose what to nutrition for fat products like skimmed milk and 30 + cheese. On your sandwich you can eat lean meat such as chicken, smoked beef, a pork and ham. At night you take fish, chicken or an egg at dinner.

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