Teenage Obesity Causes
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Teenage obesity is a growing problem, to coin a phrase, but not to make light of a disastrous situation. Indeed many millions of people worldwide are now classified as at least overweight with a good proportion falling into the obese category. Obesity is bad enough, but teenage obesity is worse.

If kids and teenagers start getting overweight, it only goes on to show how bad our lifestyle habits have become and how little concern we have for our health. If we don't take the right measures to curb it, it would only get worse with time. The main cause of this is because we live in an economy based on consumption. With all these commercials flying around on your television, radio, newspapers, internet, about what to eat and when, people get easily influenced.

Society itself has made the family unit more private these days and instead of neighbourhoods full of closeness, children, and parents who all know each other, we have developed into a society of staying in and playing in. Obesity can also lead to depression in teenagers. But we can't ask a teenager to eat less.

What should be done is reduce inactivity and the sedentary pattern of life. School based health services is the need of the hour. Chia seed also has exceptional absorption capacities. When Chia is combined with liquid in the stomach, it naturally expands. This expansion gives the sensation of being full which will help you eat less and lose weight.

This also means that the school system has to be blamed too. They only make you take Gym as a freshman so once you are a sophomore they do not have a class that allows you to get exercise during the day. Plus they are the ones that bring in the crappy foods for lunch. Next, teenagers now spend a lot of time at home, either online, playing video games or watching television. These activities do not require much body movement and they will end up sitting for a few good hours without working out.

Genetic Patterns & Family Behaviour: Genetic patterns and family behaviours are also important causes of obesity and it is difficult to separate the two. Whilst the probability of obese parents having obese children is around 30%, it is also true that obese parents often have poor eating habits and condone poor family nutrition, resulting in overweight kids.

Consult a nutritionist or a health expert before you put your teenager on a diet. Incorporate healthy eating habits by making food that is nutritional yet low on fat. Keep the sweets as a treat and allow them to indulge in moderation on special occasions.

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Obesity Causes
Teenage Obesity


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