Telangaga People Votes SAMIKYA ANDHRA
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In the present jittery situation on Andhra Pradesh we've conducted a survey on 200 people about Pro-Telangana or Anti-Telangana. From our survey we came on conclusion that majority of people says samikya andhra and minority of leaders for separate telangana for their own credits.

The survey was conducted on Hyderabad and surrounding cities including Warangal and Khamam. Most people are worrying about their jobs in Hyderabad, as most companies are moving away from hi-tech city.

If TRS party participates in GHMC elections that party will be sweaped. Telangana people never trusted TRS people. He himself creates all agitations.

Many people were immigrated to Hyderabad from many places including Telangana region. They settled here and now its time to runaway. What about these people? How to get security from this situation?

Waters problems will arise, as there are many probelms regarding rivers in different states. So this will be a major problem.

Every leader making different statements. Some suggest Union Territory, others say separate state and some say its a part of Telangana. But people in Hyderabad are saying we're Andhra Pradesh state.

Some stated that KCR is not from Telangana he belongs to Vizianagaram. He was in politics for more than 20 yrs, he also served as deputy speaker at that time he never raised his voice for Telangana. It's all for the sake of his own identity.

KCR neither brought any industry nor any specific budget allocation for the benefit of Telangana. He had done nothing in the form of development. For KCR and TRS, the mantra of separate Telangana is essentially that of political survival. The commencement of Telangana Rashtra Samithi was more of a self-employment scheme for the maverick politician KCR.

As far as vote bank is concerned for political parties, even the sentiment in small pockets of region is important. So they're making statement in favour of that.

Let there not be bloodshed among brothers of the same tongue on the issue of separation, not because a majority of people want it, but because a minority of politicians want it.

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  • Guest 8 years ago
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