Telangana BCs & SCs Feel Insecure
Priyamani • onGeneral 9 years ago • 2 min read

Telangana BCs & SCs Feel Insecure

Most Telangana BCs, SCs & STs are feeling very insecure these days. The reason is not hard to guess. It was the two castes i.e Telangana Reddys and Velamas who virtually ruled them ruthlessly for many centuries though not all Reddys and the Velamas are ruthless. Even though the Nizams were the rulers of the Telangana before independence, the region was actually ruled in many parts by Reddys and Velamas. These two castes killed lower caste people ruthlessly and made them their virtual slaves. Though the forward castes like Reddys, Kammas, Kapus etc too were dominant in the Andhra region, the suppression was not as severe as in the Telangana region. It was one of the reason why the Maoists are more active and prevalent in the Telangana region than Andhra region.

Now the lower caste people in the Telangana people are afraid that the older days are coming back to haunt them. The present Telangana movement is hijacked by two castes i.e Velamas and Reddys. KCR of TRS is a Velama and the Telangana Congress led by Jana Reddy, Damodhar Reddy are Reddys.

Incidentally there is no backward caste leader who is in the top position in the Telangana movement. All the BCs, SCs and STs leaders and MLAs have to work under these castes.

Now the lowers caste people even shudder to think that they would be again dominated by these two castes who ruthlessly made life a virtual hell for them for many centuries. It is one of the reason that Congress Ministers Danam Dagendar and Mukesh Goud refused to be a part of the Telangana ministers. In Hyderabad there is less influence of the two dominant castes as it is a cosmopolitan city and the BCs & other lower castes lead a much comfortable life here when compared to the Telangana region.

The lower castes rue that as the present Telangana movement is being led by these two castes, they would have to face the ruthlessness of the dominant castes again.



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