Telangana Not Before 2014?
pavan • onGeneral 9 years ago • 2 min read

Telangana may not come before the 2014 General elections if the Congress and the TRS internal sources are to be believed. According to the sources the TRS has decided not to pressurize the Congress party for the separate state. Since the TRS party managed to achieve its goal by making the Telangana a national one by making the Congress to give a "hesitant" nod few days back, the party leaders have taken note of the "cornered" Congress's dilemma.

A top TRS leader said that the party is ready to wait till 2014 or beyond. He said since the Congress had committed itself to creating Telangana, there was no need to pressure it.

Responding to the Congress’s stance that nothing can move on the issue unless the AP assembly passes a resolution to that effect, KCR's son Tarakarama Rao referred to the Constitution and said the views of the state assembly are necessary, but not binding on the Centre.

He also agreed that an assembly resolution would not be easy. ‘‘There is regional polarisation in Andhra Pradesh. It’s a divorce which can be amicable or bitter, as it is in this case. The Centre has to act like a court and declare the divorce,’’ he said.



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