The Beauty Of The Flat Belly
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How to reduce belly fat without extreme dieting? It makes no sense to exercise as if there was no tomorrow to reduce belly fat if you do not control your diet. But that does not mean you go hungry and develop a kind of reverse anorexia in resorting to it with an extreme diet.

Therefore, what is the way to reduce belly fat without extreme dieting? The fact is that there are foods that can reduce your belly fat. A food rich in protein consume more energy (calories) than fat-containing foods and eat lots of protein is a good way to reduce belly fat.


What is important for achieving the goal of a flat stomach is consistency. You start small and then gradually increase the intensity and duration of exercise, and be patient because the results are not immediate, but when present, are quite satisfactory, because who does not want a toned, flat belly?

The gases are caused by phenomena of aerobic fermentation (fermentation in the presence of oxygen) and as a result of the action of certain bacteria on the intestinal content. Furthermore, in weight control diets increases the intake of foods that produce intestinal gas, such as foods rich in fiber.

Internally, the feeling is very upset and pain are usually the most painful and uncomfortable and often, or you can move. Other times, you feel heartburn as a result of digestion. Physically, resulting in a swelling of the abdomen, which becomes rigid and causes the need to loosen the belt unfasten the pants or skirt button all day to feel more liberated or better.

Keys to a perfect belly:

• Reduce soda. • Avoid fried foods. • Eat green leafy vegetables and roots cooked like spinach, carrots, spinach, lettuce, etc ... • Too much fruit, especially to purge and clean the stomach, such as pineapple, melon, grapes, watermelon, berries, pears, water, especially summer fruits, which are cooler all that is diuretic. • Fish boiled or roasted and peeled. • Roasted or grilled meat with little fat. • Replace coffee and tea drinking plenty of fluids like water and juices. • Very important: eat slowly, chewing food well and trying not to swallow air every time we get on the bit in their mouths. • Exercising even a few times per week and / or relaxation techniques because it facilitates bowel movement.

Walk with your back as straight as possible, stuffing the stomach a little help to harden the area because when walking in this way, the abdominal muscles tighten.

The factors that give rise to abdominal fat can be many and they include factors such as poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, stress, endocrine system and hormones, genes or a particular condition.

As not all possible causes can be reversed by us, we will focus on factors that we can modify to reduce abdominal fat with the following tips:

• Do not forget to hydrate properly, as this will prevent water retention. • Eating a diet free of saturated fat, simple sugars and excess calories and also tries to stay away from heavy meals and plentiful. • Done properly combined aerobics with strength training, because the former allow greater caloric expenditure, while the second will strengthen your muscles, improve your posture and increase your metabolism. • Get enough rest and take time for yourself. That will help relieve stress hormones and improve your outlook regarding the accumulation of fat in the abdomen. • Keep an eye on your position, remain poorly remembers sitting with a curved spine development favors lower abdominal muscles and fat accumulation will be higher. • Do not provoke a severe calorie restriction, as this can slow your metabolism and caloric expenditure will be lower, therefore, the fat burning process will take longer. • Finally, do not forget that our lifestyle can beat genes and if you really care for your health, healthy body will look totally beautiful.

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